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Fashion trends

During springtime you are probably the most adventurous with your ensembles. The mood is cheerful with a myriad of blooming flowers. There is music in the air with the birds chirping and singing, and you simply take it all in and begin anew, completely energised. The pleasure of spring gives you the option to layer your clothes up or down as you drape one or more pieces to give an elegant spin. It is clearly a moment to celebrate life and its festivity. Enjoy every moment and embrace natures' offerings with renewed zest.

Let me walk you through a few looks that could be trend setting this season.

The seventies look:

Long flowing pieces of garments have graduated from lounge wear to evening wear. These are comfort clothes that are easy to wear. Looks great with churidars and leggings. The shapes are slimming with butterfly sleeves and waist ties. Try this look only if you have the height to carry it off.

Flared jumpsuits are back in style. They look great on a very slim person. It is a good way to further elongate stature and height. Prints are big with an ethnic orientation. Accessories with belts simply hold the look together. Wide collared mannish suits with full-legged pants and narrow belts have also returned from the 70's.

Full or knee length dresses, tiered and layered in full hemmed styles are looking super. The prints are magnified and bold with mixed placements of colour and pattern. Layered with waistcoats and jackets they look very sharp indeed. The colours are warm but muted and the detailing is done with appliqué, quilting, embroideries and ribbon work.

You can stick to an elaborate top. It could be printed with quilted tufting and embellished with 3D floral focal elements that are defined. It looks very chic on you if it is engineered well. Don't hold back; go for a striking design. Front open blouses may have jewelled buttons.

Sleeves continue to play an important role with pleating or cut draped and belled. Flowing butterfly sleeves are also looking very cool. Blouses should be topped with little bolero or draped capes that can easily transform the ensemble to a formal look. Remember that these separates are getting longer, with flowing hemlines.

The trend this season is clearly moving towards a more mix and match of patterns. There is a riot of motifs in all scales and sizes. Warm hues complimenting dark colours may not be very conventional but surprisingly, they work. Playful patterns swinging in harmony are simply magnificent. Interestingly mixing elements can be challenging but if you can strike the right balance it could be electrifying.

The futuristic influence
The silhouettes probably will remind you of the sixties structure at first sight but with a closer inspection you will find them to be more easy, not so stiff and unyielding. Clearly the structured shapes in knee length, a-line shift dresses or tulip skirts are developed with a softer edge. Pleated neckline or balloon hemline, the patterns in geometric inspiration are very fresh. Colour blocking with strong contrasts and metallic hues like silver, gold, and bronze could be the new fashion colour.

Mix patterns in the unconventional way. Herring bone with floral or digital prints with aggressive new shapes of dresses loosely fitted and oversized. It is the style to use all kinds of pleating in a rather a-line structure. Metallic hues in silver, gold and bronze with solid single colours are again making an impression.

Everything is moving towards darker shades and black is an all time favourite. Black with peeping, electric colour is very punk. For example you can wear plaid churidar over chaotic print, topped with a short waistcoat in beadwork. Here you are achieving a change in texture as well as in the patterns making a serious aesthetical mismatch. Add to that metal cuffs, loads of chains, zippers metal buttons and dark purple lipstick and you are on way to a great rocking look.

The regal statement
Fashion inspired by the royalty of the bygone era has re-emerged with strength. In fact in our cultural context, it never seems to go out. Short coats over full hemmed skirts or skinny pants over tiered bejewelled dresses. Velvets, brocades, gold embellishment with semiprecious stone applications, opulent masterfully finished tailored garments and saris.

An abundance of layering with separates and trimmed linings has only added to its magnificence. Try to balance, sheer with opaque or light with heavier fabric to strike a good balance. The surprise factor is very important.

Chunky, bold, and powerful bangles, cuffs, statement rings are starting to give new direction for trends this season. Smaller danglers, and earrings could be the way forward. Put away your chandelier earrings for a while. The styling is very strong. You can still wear a dominant neckpiece; it is very effective and transforms a simple outfit into a more striking piece.

Heels are elevated and the glamour quotient is on with sleek stilettos. The hair is tied back in either high ponytails or tied in an up do style, leaving frizzy bits out, giving it a techno impression. Hair-bands, wide or narrow, immediately conjure up notions of baby doll innocence, which is also being incorporated as an optional effect for a fashion-worthy image.

Spring Fling
Some things are very dear to me
Such things as flowers bathed by rain
Or patterns traced upon the sea
Or crocuses where snow has lain ...
The iridescence of a gem,
The moon's cool opalescent light,
Azaleas and the scent of them,
And honeysuckles in the night.

~ Gwendolyn Bennett

The season of colours, flowers and sweet beginnings is finally upon us, and we're having a love affair with flowers. The look this season is flirty, fun, and feminine, and floral prints and motifs are all the rage. Bold prints complement basic whites, while flower-power ornaments can vivify a plain outfit. Opt for bright highlights to your pastels and neutrals to add a little zing to your spring.

Model: Hira and Lajuk
Makeup and hair style: Farzana Shakil's Hair And Beauty Salon
Photo: Zahedul I Khan


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