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Season's Special

Spring things

The melody of spring is full of life. Spring is not just about flowers blooming, butterflies and rain showers, it's about the vivacious theme of life after the dead winter. It's a time of new beginnings- of hope and of fresh starts, joy and happiness, peace and contentment. So shake winter off and catch the essence of spring.

With a tone of warmth from the afternoon sun, spring sets in with blooming flowers and twittering songbirds; the colourful world returns after its dreary winter slumber. Spring brings a liberating breezy change, depleting the wryness with fresh airy-light charms. With a few brushed up tips making the best out of the refreshing season, you too can bloom anew.

While spring gushes forth, it's once again time to change your wardrobe. To welcome the new, first wrap up the old. Send your fluffy pullovers, thick turtlenecks, leather jackets and all other winter clothing to the laundry for cleaning. Before packing them off, use mothballs to enhance the fresh state of the clothing. A useful tip would be to wrap the exclusive items neatly folded in cellophane packs. It helps to preserve it better, preventing it from catching a rusty smell or bug attack. The last thing to do after organising the clothes is to keep the needy in mind. Keep your unused clothes apart and donate them for the needy.

Once you are done packing the winter clothing and thus emptying your wardrobe, it's time to fill in the spring attires. The first thing to do after unpacking the summer clothes is to ensure a good wash for them. And during the first wash, don't forget to sprinkle some Savlon or Dettol to get rid of bug contamination. Just after the clothes receive a proper drying in the sun, your wardrobe is ready to be a part of your spring collection 2009!

As starters for spring casual wear, go for swishing skirts with belted volume or fluid cropped dhoti pants matched up with tiered ruffles or frilly neck lined tops. If you are comfy in shalwar kameez try chiffon or pure cotton sets. Asymmetric draped dresses, tea dresses or tunics are also on the go.

As for prints, spring fashion attires are marked with painterly prints of joyful expressive marks reflecting luxuriant artist brushstrokes. Vibrant ethereal watercolour printed clothing gathers lots of hype during the season. Fabric with super size cabbage roses, tea roses, orchids, poppies and exotic blooms remain the seasonal favourite. Stripes and Polka dots are considered very “Springy”. The optical effects of these new arrangements of stripes and spots all add a classic edge.

Colour palette for spring comprises of vivid clear shades from the soft tones of sugar almond tints to neon bright colours. Nautical and traditional looks offer navy, red and white as combinations ideally suited for both work and casual wear. Spring colours are mainly orange, tangerine, peach, yellow, gold, lemon, yellow, and citrus green. The extended shades consist of lilac, sugar almonds, soft tints, neon shocks, etc. And as for the final touch- spring accessories remain clutchy, small handbags- cuffs, bangles, big sunglasses, scarves, skinny belts, etc.

Fashion aside, with the season offering you colourful, flowery menus to choose from, you can easily make your own floral arrangements for your home. You can put your flower arrangement in the living room and hallway to set the mood. Grab a clay pot and paint it in a creative way to turn it into a vase.

Get different shaped clay pots and design them creatively with colours, coloured threads, and beads to make your vibrant vase. Collect a bouquet of seasonal flowers in the vase or add them as a centrepiece in pots to add charm and a warm spirited feel to your home. Also, consider decorating your home with green plants in inspiring coloured pots. They are especially attractive and offer a refreshing slice of view.

Last but not the least, although spring has its own splendour, people confront multiple problems related with this season. Fever with severe cold is a common health problem during seasonal change. So if you catch a serious cold, irritable throat and high fever, don't lay it off. Consult a doctor and religiously stick to the medication.

Another common problem during spring is allergies. As the spring winds begin to blow and dry out the wet ground, the air becomes completely filled with dust particles and foreign matter. Breathing this sort of dusty air can cause allergic reactions. Sneezing, coughing, and stuffy sinuses may result.

In spring, more people become infected with parasitosis, an ailment similar to dysentery, which is generated by parasites and by the ingestion of grimy vegetables and fruits. So if you want to stay fresh and enjoy the hues of spring, be sure to be clean and monitor your health performance on a regular basis.

By Zannatul Lamea
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



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