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Pizza at your doorstep

Popular combo chain Pizza Corner and Coffee World held a meeting with the press on the occasion of their launching of home delivery service at the Etcetera's Satmasjid Road branch in Dhanmondi. Shoma Zahid, the executive director of Etcetera Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited inaugurated the event around noon in front of guests and members of the press.
The combo outlet has divided the delivery zones in Dhaka into two. In the first zone are Dhanmondi (roads 1 27), West Dhanmondi, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Kalabagan, Central Road and Elephant Road. Zone two comprises of Banani, Gulshan, Banani D.O.H.S, Niketon Gulshan, Baridhara D.O.H.S, Mohakhali C/A, and Mohakhali D.O.H.S. The minimum order amount for deliveries is TK 250, and the deliveries will be to permanent addresses (including offices and business centres) only. Also, no soup or dessert will be delivered.
While opening their latest branch in Dhanmondi's road 27 late last year, it was announced that a delivery service would commence soon. The promise has been kept, and this will be welcome news to Dhaka's pizza lovers. Frequenters of Coffee World will be happy too, as the café's appetizing items will also be available for delivery.
Delivery numbers: Dhanmondi - 01841792444, 01841792333. Banani: 01841792000, 01841792111.

Maayer dawa mota kaapor mathay tule ne re bhai….
Khadi has a special place in our hearts and contemporary fashion. The age-old craft underwent its renaissance with the Shodeshi movement and has witnessed a comeback in style. From 17 to 28 February fashion house Onnomela is arranging a khadi festival. Keeping with the theme of the festival, shalwar kameez, fatua and panjabi have been designed. Ornamentations such as hand and machine embroidery, appliqué and karchupi embellish the attires.
Contact: Banani - Road #11, House # 76/D. # 9860716. Shukrabad 101 Shukrabad, Mirpur Road. #8159763. Dhanmondi Rifles Square shop# 306. # 8623301.

Hover SUV by Ace
Ace Autos, exclusive distributor of Great Wall Motors has recently launched a new jeep- Hover SUV. Hafiz Mozumder, honourable Member of Parliament and Chairman, Pubali Bank inaugurated the display at the DITF. Shafin Ahmed the Brand Ambassador for Great Wall Motor Company Ltd., was also present on the occasion.
Contact: 01552425494, 9883288, 8812939, Email: ace@dhakacom.com

Aarong's Ekushey tribute

Strong, bold, structured and resolutely free-spirited, are the words that best describe Aarong's “Ekushey Tribute” collection. Inspired from the phenomenal movement, which shaped our destiny as a nation, this collection celebrates Ekushey February painted in black, white and red. From the well-defined a-line cuts in solids and symbolic prints the kameezes are styled with embroideries, patchwork and metal trims. The saris come in cotton, muslin and jamdani with hand embroideries, appliqués, patchwork and tie-dyes, giving it a somber classic feel. Bengali letters and script prints fused into different textures of handloom, addi, dupion and endi panjabis are stamped with minimalistic elegance. The verve and vitality echoed in Aarong's “Ekushe Tribute” collection truly encapsulates the spirit of the occasion.

Menz Club
Spring has arrived as winter bids farewell. Keeping with the current trends among the fashionistas, Menz Club has brought out their Spring collection. Highlighting embellishments in appliqué and embroidery, the formal and casual wears in bold cuts will surely meet the choice of the fashion conscious youth. Also available are regular jeans, coats and jackets. Contact: 9673556

Ekushey with Aborton
Aborton's Ekushey collection boasts contemporary black-and-white ensembles, as well as those decked with the colours of the rainbow. There will also be matching outfits for couples that will make this day of youthful initiative more memorable. Besides the above, saris, panjabis, salwar kameez, and fatuas can be found in Aborton's showrooms at Malibagh, Shukrabad, Mirpur-10, and Wari.
Contact: 8317896

Tribute to Language
Like all other years, Kay Kraft is celebrating Ekushey and International Mother Language Day with due fervour. Inspirational motifs in Bangla and Chinese alphabets adorn KK's Ekushey collection. Colours of mourning predominates, although shades of red have also been used.
The ekushey collection, available at all Kay Kraft outlets will definitely attract the attention of consumers.

On The Cover

Ekushey comes into our lives with mixed emotions. On one hand we mourn the death of our brethren, on the other we rejoice at the fact of being able to express ourselves in our mother tongue. Today, we celebrate Ekushey not just as 'Shaheed Day' but also International Mother Language Day. It is our homage to the supreme sacrifice of those valiant souls who laid down their lives for the sake of Bangla.
This week Star Lifestyle features Ekushey and celebrates our right for a language.
Model: Hira
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Make-up: Farzana Shakil Hair and Beauty Salon

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Mother tongue
In this age of globalisation when 'global' or, to be more precise, western influences pervade the media, I was quite amused seeing this particular advertisement that concluded with the tagline, “E shudhu Banglatei shombhob”. The ad portrayed a very simple fact that we seldom pay heed to- how the Bengali language forms the core existence of our expression. The language evokes a strong feeling of freedom of expression- literally!

Living in the global era with cutting edge technology the trend of the modern society is speaking a common language to keep lateral standards equal. Rapid globalisation and population mobility have thus altogether caused a downward shift in language diversity. Adapting to the global language meets the functional demands, whereas the mother tongue meets the need of the soul.

And so, in verbalising our ecstasy, evincing our grief, endless conversations, vivacious debates, humming the melodies or composing our thoughts it's the fluidity of our beloved mother tongue that keeps the expression free-flowing, full of life. It's time that we cherish our cultural and linguistic assets to ensure their proper preservation, to play an important social and economic role on the world stage.

It's the month of February again, the month of the International Mother Language Day in recognition of the sanctity and preservation of all vernacular languages in the world, and also to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed their lives on this date in Dhaka on February 21,1952. We, as a society, as a nation, have claimed Bangla as our mother tongue and thus claimed our identity. Bengali language has never been static and it is a naive illusion to believe that it is a fixed monochrome page of our history books only. It's a flowing language, and one we are proud of!

By Zannatul Lamea



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