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Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell is one of the most respected and influential interior designers in Europe. Into design since childhood, as a young girl, she and her mother would spend hours re-arranging furniture. Her enthusiasm and interest in design and interiors continued to flourish and at the age of nineteen she worked as assistant to John Fowler at the prestigious Colefax and Fowler fabric and wallpaper designers.

The popular magazine Home & Garden paid tribute to her with “Nina Campbell is one of the few internationally recognised names in the profession and as such she is in constant demand asked to lecture, attend seminars, give interviews, sit on committees, boards and bodies, raise funds and judge competitions”.

Her list of clients and design inspirations are unparalleled and her wit, sense of excitement and personal style appeal to young and old alike. Her dramatic fabric and wallpaper collections and beautiful product ranges sit equally well in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Nina opened a showroom and design studio on Walton Street in London's Knightsbridge where she continued her fabric printing and branched out into other decorative areas. Her home products such as table linen, china and glass, home fragrance, gift wrap, cashmere blankets and travel accessories are very popular.

Nina Campbell's enthusiasm remains unabated; she is the author of four books. Nina Campbell Decorating Journal is essential for any home decorator. This brilliant combination of reference book and practical notebook is a great way to get inspired for home decoration. Room by room, Nina has given her views and functional tips very specifically in this book. In today's feature we are highlighting some of her concepts.

Lighting: Effective lighting is very essential. Never underestimate the importance of light both natural and artificial in a room. Even when you are working on a tight budget, a well thought-out lighting scheme should be at the top of your list of priorities; it will always enhance a room and improve the atmosphere.

Furnishings and fabric: A successful decorating scheme brings together many ingredients to form a cohesive whole. Fabrics lend softness, a sense of being cocooned in a room. This subliminal message can be accentuated through the colours, patterns and types of fabric you choose. Silk, for example, remains popular not only for its luxurious look but also because it has such a tactile quality.

Ambience: You may use your dining area for formal lunches, probably at weekends, but it is more likely a predominantly nocturnal space and lighting, colours and textures have to be chosen with this in mind. You also need to think about how the dining room links to adjacent rooms, or the dining area in an open-plan living area to other spaces.

Space: Planning about functional spaces such as a study or a library should be well-calculated. With increasing numbers of people working from home for at least part of the time, a study has become essential in many homes. In fact, it is also an invaluable space for any number of other activities, from paying bills and doing the household accounts to writing letters or pursuing a hobby.

The bedroom's decor is also essential. Your bedroom is the most personal room within your home. It should offer you sanctuary from the day's cares an oasis of calm in which you can feel rejuvenated and soothed. Bedrooms are much more than places in which to sleep, and you need to design your bedroom with this in mind.

Nina approaches every room with a unique touch, unusual patterns and colours, furniture, effective lighting and accessories. Just so, by making the different elements work together, you can infuse your own space with personality.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo credit: Decorating Journal- Nina Campbell



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