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gal pals every woman need

God help the mister,
yeah God help the mister,
That comes between me
And my sisters
~ Spice Girls

Right before kindergarten, I had a friend called Jonathan. We'd hang out together all the time, playing with his GI-Joe and plastic swords. We were the best of buddies, embarking on many a colourful adventure together until we started school, at an age when boys and girls find each other 'icky'. The moment Jon realised that as a girl, I couldn't be allowed to associate with him in public, I lost a best friend.

This started off a pattern that would last throughout my high school years; I'd form intense bonds with someone, and we'd become 'best friends' until something happened to make one of us realise that the other didn't quite possess all of the 'must-have' qualities that card companies and rom-coms state that every friend should, and the friendship fizzled out.

My story isn't a unique one. Most of us at some point in our lives will have entertained unrealistic expectations of our friendships, which ultimately strain the relationship. We put one person on the uncomfortable 'best friend' hot seat and expect him/her to fulfill all the communication needs. While it's only natural to be closer to some friends than others, expecting one person to meet all the emotional needs is just setting oneself up for a huge disappointment. Think of Carrie Bradshaw's three BFF's. Each has a distinct and unique personality, and serves a different purpose. Just so, as we get older, we come to associate with different kinds of people, and develop unique bonds with them, which cannot be compared to any other relationship we may have.

Keeping that in mind, you can have different kinds of friends, from nodding acquaintances, but there are five gal pals no woman should have to do without.

The Straight Shooter
She might be a childhood friend who's seen you in your braces and unibrow, or she might be someone you've recently become close to, but if you're looking for an opinion and you want the plain unvarnished truth, this is the friend you turn to. She tells it like it is, no holds barred, because you share a level of trust and comfort where you know that any negative feedback is for your own good and not because she wants to put you down, and any positive feedback is from the [More]


On The Cover

Women's Day is just round the corner, and we at Lifestyle decided to let our hair down this week and just celebrate being women. Join us for lunch at the centrefold.
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Models: Sarah, Farina, Sanah

Check It Out

Kimaya turns four
Mimel Nizam just celebrated four years of creation with a tremendous re-launch of her flagship store KIMAYA on February 14. The designer, celebrated her exclusive block prints in golden khari, her iconic blend of colours and her overall mix of ethnic and modern designs has created tremendous ripples in the fashion world. Her boutique reflects her relaxed manners, welcoming you with a smart and warm atmosphere.

The 700 square feet showroom is located opposite the Saudi Embassy in Gulshan 2. The store showcases a collection of mix and match, casual to easy care, shalwar kameezes, saris and tunics. The prices range from Tk 1,000 to Tk 10,000.

Kimaya will be introducing fashion accessories, shoes and children wear very soon. Kimaya also plans to introduce online shopping in America, Canada, London and Hong Kong.
Contact: Rd# 83, Hs #9, Gulshan 2 opposite Gulshan Ladies's Park .

Robert Bresson and his films
Moviana Film Society has, on a regular basis, arranged a workshop titled "Great film makers and their work". Renowned film maker Robert Bresson is currently under the spotlight. Although his creations number a few, their impact on world cinema is overwhelming.

The day-long workshop will be conducted by noted critic Moinuddin Khaled who will address Bresson's work and passion for film making. The workshop will be conducted on 26 February 2009, from 10 am to 9 pm. Last date for enlistment is 24 February.
Contact: 50 Aziz Supermarket Market, Shahbag. #01718956577, 01716263578.



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