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Heart, without added sugar or preservatives.

Whatever you want to do with the advice or assessment is up to you, but at least you know it's honest. This type of friend is usually also great at keeping secrets, so she doubles up as a confidant. The Straight Shooter is definitely one to keep close to your heart.

The Cheerleader
When you're down in the dumps, and need a hug or word of encouragement more than you need criticism or advice, this is the friend you turn to. She'll have a word of comfort or praise for every single situation, and in her eyes, you can do no wrong. When you're not feeling your best, this is the friend before whom you can let your hair down and lean on while you cry away that broken heart or pay cut or missed sale, or whatever it is that sets the waterworks flowing, knowing that you will not be judged or seen badly for it. Some Cheerleaders also go the extra mile, keeping up with your achievements and cheering you on from the sidelines, so if you have one for a friend, don't let her get away.

311 in 3D
Got a big night out and no idea of what to wear? Planning a party and have no clue as to what you'll serve the guests? Kids need a tutor and you don't know where to take them? This is the one-stop solution you turn to for most of your problems. She's usually terribly organised and efficient, well-travelled, and fashion savvy, and if she wasn't your friend, you'd probably hate her. Heck, she probably turns you green with envy anyway, but you can't help but flocking back to her. Her address book has the number of every catering service, florist, decorator, and just about any other random service, and she's a Godsend during those emergency moments, her trendy coach purse stocked with lip balm, comb, breath mint, sanitary napkin, stationery, or anything you need and forgot to bring. What could you possibly do without her?

The Sidekick
So you need to shed a few pounds and require a workout buddy to go to the gym with you. Or you're in the mood for shopping and need a partner in crime. This friend is up for anything, and always ready to accompany you. This is someone with an open mind and a flexible schedule, and definitely someone whose company you enjoy for stretches of time, because she's someone you drag along for all your pursuits. A good sport, she's game for new activities, and cooperates with you. The Sidekick also makes a great travel companion, so don't leave town without her.

Page 3 pal
Sometimes when life gets a little too serious, and reality becomes a little too real to handle, you seek this friend out for a guilt-free gossip session. While this relationship may be a lot more superficial than the others, it's just as important.

This is the friend that allows you to escape the humdrum of every day for a little while, as you engage in lighthearted banter. The Page 3 Pal has a curious nature, and a sense of humour, and is usually full of stories to keep you entertained. They say laughter is the best medicine, so make sure you get regular doses of this friend's company.

Friends are precious, some more so than others. If you've got all five of the friend types mentioned above, you're going to get by alright throughout all the weird curve balls life tosses at you. On Women's Day, don't forget to tell the special women in your life how much they mean to you.

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Models: Sarah, Farina, Sanah



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