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Pocket picks

With trends and styles changing at an almost daily basis, and business and technology sweeping by at an equal pace, people today have to literally race against time in order to keep up with the constantly evolving modern world. And when considering the people of today, women have an equally important role to play. The modern woman is constantly on the go; be it at work or in the home, she is persistent in all that she does; she has to be ready to tackle anything and everything that comes her way. And in order to do that, she has to be 'armed' or equipped with a handful of essentials.

So here's a list of must-haves a modern jet set woman is most likely to include as contents to her bag:

Imagine having to leave for work in a great hurry one fine morning because you're running seriously late for an important meeting or class and just when you reach inside your bag for the phone to call up a colleague or friend, you realize you've left it at home?! Completely ruins the rest of the day, doesn't it?

With newer technology contributing to the various aspects this tool has internet browsing, note- keeping, planner, music, etc., the mobile today, is an inseparable part of our lives. And with newer ways of speeding things up, the 'speed-dial' can often come in great handy. With life exceptionally hectic for professional women today, the very idea that contacting the grocers, tailor, you're child's school emergency number and butcher is just one click away can be very, very comforting, not to mention extremely efficient!

With traffic the way it is in the city, you really can't have the option of taking a stop at home from work before going socializing. Or even when a sudden meeting sprouts up in the middle of the day, and you have no time to do some extensive freshening up, the compact can turn out to be the best of friends, at such dire situations.

Because you can never do with tangled, messy hair; the very first step towards looking you're best is to have a tidy, professional hairdo!

Lip balm/gloss/lipstick
The perfect smile can go a long way, and without doubt, can impress even the toughest of people. And you can't have a perfect pout with chapped lips, so needless to say, this little item comes in mighty handy, especially in dry winter days!

Imagine having to keep squinting whenever you have to walk outdoors, with the sun blazing down on you! Sunglasses can be a great respite from that; not only does it protect your eyes from the blinding rays of the sun, it's also a great style accessory!

Wet towels/blotting paper
In summer, sometimes even despite the air-conditioned office, you're skin can still end up looking it's worse from all the dirt, grime and sweat. Its times like this when a little wipe with a refreshing wet towel can do wonders.

Another small annoying scenario, which I'm sure, almost everyone has had to go through at least once, is when you leave the house after a shower for work or a party, and after awhile, the drying effect of air-conditioned rooms reminds you of the fact that you forgot to put lotion on your arms! Having a tiny bottle of lotion will save you from the worst kind of dry elbows and a great deal of embarrassment!

Hand sanitiser
You just got off from work and are about to grab something to eat, where you'll need to use you're hand, but the last thing you want is to stick those dirty fingers in you're mouth. Or, you're at a family picnic and you're five-year-old just popped a packet of crisps and is about to stick those dirt riddled fingers into the food. A little bottle of hand-sanitizer can save you and you're family from germs and tummy-aches.

Breath mints
Fresh breath is always the best accompaniment to a beautiful smile.

In the sweltering heat that is our weather, this is something you simply cannot do without.

From everything mentioned above and much, much more, there really is no end to the items a woman includes in her bag. In fact, apart from the 'bare necessities' mentioned, anything extra can say a lot about the owner and her personality.

A modern woman is a woman prepared for pretty much everything.

By Farina Noireet

By The Way

Cutting down on sodium

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood against artery walls. When it rises too high, the pressure causes damage to many organs, including the heart, kidneys, brain, and even eyes. Salt however, is not the only cause of high blood pressure; lack of exercise, poor diets, and inherited risk also contribute.

Studies confirm the benefits of a low-sodium diet. In a 2003 report that pooled results from a variety of research trials around the world, scientists showed that reducing sodium intake by 1,000 mg a day lowers systolic blood pressure by an average of 4 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 2.5 mm Hg in patients with hypertension.

Not everyone is sensitive to the blood pressure effects of sodium. Most people consume more than the recommended amount of salt, yet the majority does not have high blood pressure. This suggests that other factors are also involved in hypertension risk. One culprit, researchers now believe, is lack of potassium.

When volunteers in several studies consumed their usual levels of sodium but cut back on potassium, blood pressure levels jumped by up to 7 points. When they increased their potassium intake, in contrast, blood pressure fell, even when the amount of sodium they consumed remained the same.

As for potassium, one of the simplest ways to get enough is to shop in the produce section of your grocery store. Fruits and vegetables are the leading source of this crucial nutrient. Shopping in the produce aisle has another advantage: you don't have to worry about reading labels.

Abundant sources of potassium include bananas, raisins, spinach, milk, potatoes baked with the skin, lima beans, and prunes.

On The Cover

As the International Women's Day rolls in, we look back at our journey so far, and the journey still ahead of us. Also, we mourn and pay our respects to those affected by the events of February 25, in a special photo feature.
Photo: Sayeed Siddiqui


Agony and ecstasy

Last evening I met a lady of at least 70 years of age at a boutique. She was discussing something with the boutique owner who was also a woman. I was simply amazed by the facts that I got to know from their conversation. The owner might have asked the old lady about her daughter-in-law, whether she stays at home or has a job like the girls of contemporary days.

The old lady replied, “I'm very happy that my daughters are continuing with their job seriously and that they don't have to place their hands in front of partners for fulfilling even the tiniest of wishes. I remember when I was young, I used to be very fond of reading books but at the same time I was too shy to ask for money from my partner. As a result, I had to give up and the wish turned into a life-long buried desire! Moreover, as I am not restraining my daughter's liberty, why should it be different in the case of my daughter-in-law? She also has the same rights as my daughters have… to fulfil her dreams, her wishes...”

I came back home with these words echoing in my mind and soul. I was calm but at the same time restless. Why can't all the mothers and mothers-in-law of our country think like this old lady? If it was so, then no girls of our country would have been suffering today.

Lots of thoughts started popping up in my mind as I went to sleep. It is our responsibility to create a better society for the coming generation; it is my duty to do so for my daughter who is yet to enter this discriminatory world. We will have to teach our sons the right behaviour, the appropriate reaction and to make them know the real meaning of education.

Yes...we should compromise and sacrifice, but we should not accept something prejudiced in any sector of our lives. If I let something unfair happen today or if I accept any injustice today, I won't be able to be a considerate mother-in law capable of teaching my son justice and most importantly, I won't be able to leave behind a better society for my daughter the next day. Furthermore, my son could be an inconsiderate partner and my daughter could be an insensitive mother-in-law.

In consequence, the same story would get repeated again and again in this society, the 'vicious cycle of discrimination' won't get stopped and no one would be at peace. We dare not do this!

By Farzana Ashraf



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