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The Capsule Wardrobe for the Modern Man
* Classic white shirt, well-tailored
* One formal black suit
* A daytime suit in lighter colours. Linen is a good option for hot weather
* Formal sherwani for those Asian weddings
* Well-fitted jeans
* Black shoes
* Tan shoes
* Neutral-coloured panjabi for Fridays, milads, and other occasions
* Denim jacket
* Metal watches for daytime
* Leather strap watches for the evening
* Ties in solid colours or geometric patterns. NO cartoon motifs
* Innerwear in solid colours. Again, no cartoon prints
* Dark socks matched with trousers, shirt or shoes. White socks are ONLY to be worn in the gym
* Plain dark belt, without fussy details.
* A good pair of sunglasses. Aviators suit most face shapes

The team:
Models: The idea behind the shoot had been to take some regular guys of varying heights and builds, and put them in some of these re-vamped classics to see how they'd carry it off. It just so happened that all our 'regular guys' had one thing in common: music.

In2 Nemesis
Nemesis has been providing power-house performances for the underground music scene since as far back as 1999, making their album debut in 2005 with the well-received Onneshon. The band features our three models- Maher (guitar), Zohad (vocals), and Dio (drums), as well as Omayr (guitar), and Ratul (bass). With a new album in the works, regular gigs around town, and collaborations with industry heavyweights like Arnob, Fuad and Habib, to name a few, Nemesis is definitely rocking the trends musically, and otherwise.

...and Bohemian
Our models Shams (vocals and guitars) and Farshid (bass/vocals) hail from Bohemian, which also features Farhan (guitars) and Labib (drums), Bohemian's debut album Babodhan was released only last year, making them relative newcomers to the scene, but with the feel-good factor of their songs, and their unusual lyrics, they've had a pretty active past year, and bring an element of fun to their performances.

With an active year of shows and a clothing line in Fashion Exclusives, the stars are smiling on Samuel H, who is working on his new collection for the upcoming months. The funky and versatile bespoke couture designer provides a refreshing take on styles that keep coming back.

The story begins in...
...a diner, where conversation over piles of cheese-studded pizzas meandered past small talk about movies and music to the latest fashion events, and the clothes, models and choreography. The doors of the busy diner kept swinging open at regular intervals as a steady flow of customers walked in and out, providing the two of us ample eye-candy and food for thought. Trend-spotting being a shared interest, we soon found ourselves homing in on emerging patterns, funny fashion faux pas (try saying that with your mouth full), and the seeds for our story had been sown.

Much has been said about the Metrosexual Man in Dhaka, with pro-camps talking about how refreshing it is to see a style savvy male, while the anti-camps grumbling about the sissy-fication of the male species, with all the hype about facials and fairness creams. Whichever perspective one may share, there's no denying that presentation matters. With trends being cyclical, the old bottles keep returning under fresh packaging, but the wine stays the same.

Timeless Classics Revamped
Everyone has a unique personal style that reflects personal tastes and makes a statement about who they are. Choosing a rehashed classic piece is a good way to avoid changing one's style and to give into trends. If the basic dressing codes are right then adding or deleting in reference to fashion fads will not create a dent in one's bank balance or render one a fashion victim. As Coco Chanel once said, fashion fades whereas one's love affair with style remains forever in the form of timeless classics.

A well-tailored suit is a must-have for any urban man, but whereas for decades, the only acceptable form was a black woollen suit, the modern man now has a wider spectrum to choose from. Shades of grey and navy evoke the metallic edge of city life in more tropical fabrics. Model Milind Suman rocked the 'rebel prince' look in an unlikely combination of suit, kurti and sandals, and while that bold look may not work for everyone, try pairing a crisp linen suit with a polo t-shirt and chunky loafers, or even leather sandals to create an edgier look. Similarly, the waistcoat, once limited to uber-formal suits, can now be paired with a tee or used to dress up a plain shirt. Add a newsboy cap to create that Oxford preppy vibe. Shirts themselves are raining colours. While a crisp cotton shirt remains an unbeatable favourite, fashion houses give today's men the option of experimenting with different colours.

The idea is to play with different combinations and elements till you can find a look that suits you. Ultimately, what is important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear, and can carry it off.

Dressing to suit your shape:
* Layering adds some volume and visual interest to a tall lanky figure. Consider investing in linen suits or light jackets for the warmer season.
* The cut of the clothes is always important, but never more so for slimmer, shorter guys. Tailored shirts create a strong silhouette.
* For buff, beefy men with the whole 'rugby-player' shape, it's best to go with solid pieces, with shoulder detailing. Opt for bright, solid colours.

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photos: Zahedul I Khan
Models: Maher, Zohad, Dio, Shams and Farshid
Wardrobe: Cats Eye
Styling: Samuel H
Special thanks to Bengal Studio for the shoot location.


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