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Yellow is, perhaps, the most approachable colour, capable of extraordinary variations and because even at its deepest and strongest, it never gets dark. The brightest of all colours and the most visible, when we look at yellow, our minds become stimulated, active and alert. This makes it a very attractive colour, which can be used to create a vibrant energetic atmosphere in the home.

Yellow decor gives a room a warm sunny appearance. It looks equally good in a large or small room. It brightens up and adds space to narrow stairways, and makes a good impression. Children's rooms, playrooms or kitchens are ideal for using yellow. Use it in a family room or a common space where you spend a lot of time as it will keep you active and able to maintain a positive frame of mind.

In this feature, we will discuss some small tips on using yellow to liven up your home décor.

We can't use a single colour in our space, and this is particularly true for yellow, too much of which can be overpowering. Mix and match is the way to go, and you can team a sunny shade with white, wood and neutrals for an excellent effect. You can even add a splash of green to achieve a true sense of unity.

Spring is already here with her soft sunshine, the heady scent of mango blossoms, and an explosion of marigold, while Summer stands waiting with her rich palette of the warm colours of radhachura and shornalu, and the rich golden hues of mangoes. Bring these sunny tones indoors to add a warm glow to a dark or muted room. Then mellow or lemon yellow, orange or stunning golden can be enjoyed very simply, directly as a wall colour or a predominant theme in your decor, if you have light-filtering blinds or drapes. If you can arrange some seasonal accessories, they also create a happy, welcoming mood. For romantic touches you can use a bowl of oranges, sunflower in a white vase beside your bedside table, an orange bedspread or a simple coffee or tea mug on your garden table.

Gilded furniture, gilt picture frames, brass pottery and shiny fabrics are opulent and luxurious ways of incorporating yellow into your room's theme. Place a tradition golden pan batkhara (betel nutcase) or round ghoti with yellow flowers on your dining table. No doubt these can create a point of focus in any home.

Bump up the fun factor in your home with a big splash of this cheery colour.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-Mail: Journeyman. Interiors@Gmail.Com
Photo Credit: Journeyman Achieve
Special Thanks Dr. Zakia Shahid


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