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peeking through portals

Windows are a natural focal point. They are the portals between our private worlds and what lies outside. Choosing your window treatments, therefore, is a weighty matter indeed, because it involves deciding how much access you will allow into your inner sanctum.

When selecting window treatments, first consider how much privacy and how much light you want, and then choose a flexible setup. Just a few centuries ago, beautiful fabric that draped around window was a luxury only the well to do could afford, but today those styles are the main stays of decorating in ordinary homes. A variety of blinds, drapes, shades, shutters and valances are now available in the market.

Window treatments are practical necessities, but they're also an essential finishing touch. Window treatments are no longer an afterthought; they are the stars of most interiors. It is a good idea to update window treatments when changing the look of your home.

These days, synthetic fabrics are commonly used because of their durability and for ease of maintenance. To add a little drama, opt for designer curtains. Check or block prints are good options for a young person's room. Play with embroidered muslins, Tangail handlooms, or mugha silks. The idea is to dress your windows beautifully and open up the room.

A wealth of fancy hardware is available for hanging drapes. The jewellery of window treatments has become just as important as the coverings. Accessories need to be chosen thoughtfully, with careful consideration to the effect that you want to create and to the style that your room needs. Today's designer can choose from so many different types of poles and finial styles; from polished steel poles, and wooden poles to pole ends in various shapes and designs.

Tiebacks and holdbacks are also important accessories. Tiebacks need to be both practical and decorative. First choose a style; a formal room will respond best to classic tiebacks, a muted colour scheme will need sublet tiebacks, while a pretty feminine room will be enhanced with bows and frills.

We can conclude, therefore, that when picking your window treatments, it's more than just the fabrics; the accessories are also vital. The right curtain pole, button detail or tieback can beautifully transform a plain curtain's look.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo credit: Journeyman
Special thanks: Weavers Furnishing Ltd.



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