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chicks in the city

The mod woman wears many hats. She juggles the professional and personal world, playing naughty and nice, and is expected to look good while doing all that. And in a time when presentation can literally mean the difference between a fat salary and unemployment, being well dressed is no longer the bimbette's pastime; it's a necessity. As Samuel H said when we first met, "Good clothes open doors".

A woman can buy the newest shirt, skirt, shoes, or dress but she needs to ask herself the all-important question:
"Is this what I want to be seen wearing?"

Sometimes it's hard and she gets pulled in by a flashy style or an outrageous pattern, but she should keep in mind that the item doesn't exist as a piece of art. At first glance, she may actually believe that she wants or even needs that outfit or piece. Is that her speaking or just the fad fairies making her think she wants it because she saw something just like it in a magazine?

Classic fashion is the style that one sees and knows immediately that one must have. Not because one saw something just like it twenty times on the street, but because it's something that one can picture oneself wearing for many years to come. There's no science to the perfect wardrobe items because we're all so unique in our lifestyles. In the end, you have to trust yourself and your gut feelings, and then you'll never go wrong.

While it's true that there are no perfect styles for every shape, size and personality, there are some basic items that will fill out your closet nicely.

In 1926 legendary designer Coco Chanel changed the history of fashion with the introduction of the “little black dress” made of silk with a long string of fake pearls. Since then designers have created their versions of the classic beauty in different cuts, fabrics and patterns. After all the little black dress is the symbol of chic.

Round the clock
Last week, we played dress-up with the guys, putting a new spin on classic elements. This week, we do the same with the ladies, bringing you some fun looks for different personalities and occasions:

The Fitness Freak
Whether it's yoga or pilates, a jog in the park or some plain old-fashioned aerobics, this chick sweats in style. Emulate her look in a well-fitted sweatshirt and track pants ensemble. The outfit you pick has to be sturdy, absorbent if you plan to sweat a lot, and shouldn't be too baggy; after all, you want to flaunt the results of that hard work (out). Add some pep to your gym outfit by picking fun colours.

The Power player
Forget the clunky, mannish suits in dull colours; make 'em sit up and take notice at that meeting in a well fitted jacket and pants in a sober, but unusual colour, teamed with a tee or a girly blouse. There's nothing like a suit to scream power, but one must really pay attention to the silhouette, colour and embellishments. A bad fit and clunky shoes can have you looking like a man; too plain says 'boring'. Play it up with one fun accessory, which creates a point of visual interest, and also leaves an impression.

The PTA President
She plans fundraisers and field trips, and makes community service events out of a simple brunch. This high-flying achiever wows them with a look that's sophisticated and fun at the same time. Team a basic A-line skirt with a girly blouse, and throw in a string of pearls to mellow it out. The colours should be understated, because while you want to catch their eye, you don't want to blind them with anything eye-popping.

You can even opt for a longer skirt, and darker colours for the evening, but the principle is the same.

The Girl Next Door
Whether it's a ladies' lunch, or an hour of shopping before the kids get home from school, or just another day at uni, this girl is fuss-free, uncomplicated and always up for anything. Hers is a fun, versatile look that works for most casual settings. Capris are perfect for this weather; find one in a bright colour, which you can team with a basic white shirt, and throw on a colourful scarf for a look that says "Go play".

Metro mademoiselle
At the mall, at the movies, at the fashion show, this woman turns heads wherever she goes, looking like she stepped out of a fashion magazine. Her secret? She lets her confidence and her classics work for her. The classic trench has earned a place in the list of clothing items that will never go out of style. Worn by itself or over something else, it is undeniably chic. A close contender is the shirt-dress, which is a hot favourite because it is so versatile. When you've found an outfit that combines the best features of both, you know you've hit jackpot. Cinch the waist with a chunky belt and wear it as is, or if you want to be a little less daring, team it with a pair of skinny pants for a look that's utterly mod.

Party Princess
When there's a party on, this girl steals the show. The secret of finding the perfect party outfit is comfort: work with your assets and find a look that suits you. You could pair a glam top with a pair of jeans or pants, or team that bubble skirt with a feminine white shirt, or even rock a cocktail dress with a pair of killer heels. The key concept here is being able to carry off what you're wearing, so don't go for items that feel alien to you.

Capsule Wardrobe
* Crisp white tailored shirt
* Black dress
* Black skirt
* Well-fitted gym outfit
* Black, gold, and silver high heels

Splurge Station
It's okay to go bankrupt on:
* A pair of jeans that fit you perfectly
* Strappy watch
* Classic gold clutch
* Diamond earrings

By Sabrina F Ahmad
Photos: Zahedul I Khan
Styling: Samuel H
Models: Sabrina, Sarah, Farina, and Buneka
Wardrobe: Westecs, Aarong, and Samuel H


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