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Scents of the season

Imagine this scenario: you're rushing to get dressed for an important meeting that you're getting late for and as you step outside you find your car won't start and as you're running to and fro across the street you realise its one of those unlucky days when you can't seem to find a cab anywhere. And to top it all off you suddenly remember, standing out there in the humidity and the heat that you forgot to put on perfume before leaving home!

Now here's another situation. The setting is completely different; you're at a glamorous party filled with beautiful people and you're looking your best and feeling very confident, when you spot a tall, dark and handsome someone looking your way. You very subtly walk towards him and then gently breeze past him. As you do so, he turns his head, gets one whiff of that scintillating fragrance you're wearing, and he is absolute putty in you're hands!

Yes, the perfect perfume can come in mighty handy at such dire moments. So here's a list of some of the floral based scents of the season for all those special occasions and more.

Eternity by Calvin Klein
From Calvin Klein comes Eternity, a fragrance for women. First launched in 1988, the perfume is a romantic, floral scent that breathes with the subtle aroma of a spring garden. Both classic and contemporary, it echoes a timeless quality with modern style. Priced at Tk 3610 for the 100ml bottle, this classic is available at Paris Perfums and Almas.

Pretty Nina
Heiress fragrance “Pretty Nina” is a modern, new fairy tale of the Nina Ricci fragrance made in 2006 with a romantic touch and flowery-fruit games of seduction. Composed out of joyous and flirty tones, it notes with sparkling notes of grapefruit, the heart reveals green apple notes, with fusion of raspberry and jasmine Sambac blossom, while the base notes bring gourmand outcome with caramel, apple tree accords, powdery vanilla and sensual musk. A limited version and a collector's item, get your hands on one soon for Tk. 3450, also available at Paris Perfums.

Live Luxe by JLo
Jlo's Live Luxe is a multi-faceted concoction. An opulent fragrance that makes you feel all-out glam! Top notes include juicy pear, luscious peach, exotic melon, electric citrus, and an apple twist. Core notes include satiny Muguet petals, Amethyst freesia, sun-sweetened honey-suckle, and finally, endnotes include precious diamond musk, creamy vanilla and soft sandalwood. At Tk.3950 for the 100ml bottle, this is a must-have for any party this season! This is also available at Paris Perfums.

Flower by Kenzo
Kenzo Flower is a contemporary fragrance for the modern, city woman who looks to nature for inspiration and renewal. Kenzo's soft floral scent with hints of violet, vanilla, and rose, uniquely packaged in poppy-embossed bottles is a subtle, yet powerfully poetic fragrance for everyday use. Priced at Tk.6250, Flower by Kenzo is available at both Paris Perfums and Almas.

Peace by Kenzo
Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of Peace, a fragrance that pays tribute to the era of the 1970s. The bold scent is a mixed floral, woody musk that captures the deep desire for freedom in both men and women. The magnetic purple bottle is embossed with the symbol of peace and love to carry the message around the world. Priced at Tk.3600, here is another collectors item available exclusively at Paris Perfums.

By Farina Noireet

On The Cover

As the temperatures climb, we look for ways to cool off. Basic whites, shower-fresh hair, and fresh fragrances are the way to go. Flip though our pages for more.
Photo: Abu Naser
Model: Nabila
Makeup and styling: Farzana Shakil


Time management

Setting out and following routines is just one aspect of time management. Managing one's time properly means the utilisation of the available time in the manner the individual deems best to accomplish his/her objective. Now, this may be different for each individual, but the important thing is to establish a goal. What we do with our time depends on what we want to be in the future.

Being true to yourself also contributes to good management of time. For instance, some of us are workaholics, while others like staying home with their families or friends. The phrase “time well spent” will have different connotations for the two groups of people just mentioned. A workaholic would like to spend as much time at work, and anything more than the required amount spent at home will be a waste of time. Conversely, the person who prefers spending time with his or her family will consider staying a minute more than required at the office a complete waste of time. You have to realise what type of person you are so that you can budget your time in a manner that leaves you most fulfilled.

Also, squeezing in as much as possible into an hour does not necessarily equate to the most efficient management of that time. The actions taken might not have been productive, and because you squeezed in as much as possible, you may not have had time to think your actions all the way through, ending up doing yourself more harm than good, as well as wasting an hour. Careful consideration of goals and the ways to attain them is crucial to proper time management.

Managing time is about being realistic. The earlier we realise what it is that we want to do and that which can make us happy, the earlier we can start down that road. Sacrifices have to be made, options and choices foregone, but if we are honest with ourselves there is a higher chance of making the right choice.




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