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Holistic house

POHELA Boishakh is a great festival for Bangalis. A joyful mood grips the nation as Boishakhi fairs pop up all over the place. People of all ages throng the fairs to buy clothes, sweets and handicrafts. Women attire themselves in white sari with red borders. A spirit of festivity reigns in the air.

I believe that the spirit of Boishakh should be reflected in our homes and lifestyles through the decor of our dwelling places. Hence, this week we feature a house filled with natural indigenous materials, which we can use to furnish our homes with.

The pictures show a very simple and holistic living house. The house owner is a graphic designer. The Organic style indicates the predominant use of natural materials as well as arts and crafts with a natural form. On a higher plane, "organic" refers to a holistic or humanist philosophy within a natural home. The Organic space lets in light, in tune with nature and lifts one's spirits with its wholesome vibrations.

This home is a refuge from the stresses of the outside world; a restful place that nurtures, calms and relaxes. The home haven should indulge the sense and sensitivities, by being rich with tactile pleasures and closely linking the dweller with nature and the healing powers of plants and pottery.

In the foyer and in the corner of living rooms they exposed raw bricks in the wall; that rough textural furnishing gives us a rustic feel and suggests a romantic and creative attitude. This corner is a dramatic setting for two small, quirky sofas with a wrought iron console table and a mirror. The bamboo potteries are also craft products from Thailand.

In the bedroom we placed bed cover and cushion in golden brown and green Mirpur Katan. A simple style implies not a lack of sophistication but a clean, balanced and essential way. This house is full of positive delight in strong lines and a preference for things that are rustic, natural and functional. We used some glorious fabrics in various places. The bedcovers are made of rich indigenous muga silk, which is the product of the silk worm pupa, and renowned for its elegantly glossy fine texture.

Our client loves jamdani very much. Jamdani, which is an amalgam of two Persian words “Jam” meaning flower and “Dani” meaning a vase or a container, refers to fine cotton muslin, which is rich in motifs and geometrical patterns. Giving new life to her old jamdani saris, our client had made some runners. These runners, lampshades are ideal traditional tableware. Sometimes a table setting is a great look for a home. A simple clay pot, hand painted plate, wooden spoon or coco shell spoon is natural tableware but looks very attractive.

In the end, a few indigenous craft items made from natural products can provide the perfect highlights to create the Boishakhee mood

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: Journeyman. Interiors@Gmail.Com
Photo credit: Journeyman
Special Thanks to Yusuf Hassan and Munira Yusuf Memi

Check It Out

Fusion with AB Fashion
WITH bold patterned cuts and en vogue necklines, the women's attires at AB Fashion bring fusion to life. The use of geometric and floral patterns accentuates the designs and the fabric used has been primarily cotton and crepe silk. Pleated tops have been complimented by churidars. There is also a 10 percent discount on the whole range of products offered.

Contact: AB Fashion, 28 Golden Gate Shopping Centre, Mirpur Road. Contact: 9665102

O2 turns six
NEXT month, 02 celebrates its six-year anniversary; that's more than 10,000 inspiring designs. To keep up with the trend and the coming Bangla New Year, O2 has launched its new collection that includes trendy fotuas and short panjabis for men and elegant cotton saris, shalwar kameezes and fotuas for women. Celebrate life and the festival season with O2 and make your statement.

Boishakh with Lubnan

BOISHAK is just knocking at the door. Considering the festive times, fashion brand Lubnan brings out their exclusive Boishakhi collections. The entire range comprising fatuas, panjabis, and kurtis featuring designs in embroidery, appliqué, block, tie and dye, spray paint, and hand paint.

Prices range between Tk 1,850 and Tk 14,000. Available at all Lubnan outlets.

Menz Club discount offer
LOCAL brand Menz Club offers a 40 percent reduction on its entire range of attries from shirts, panjabis to jeans, for the fashion savvy Dhakaites. The offer is open till 8 April at the Basundhara Garden City and Elephant Road outlets.

Conatct: Menz Club, Sunrise Bhaban, 92 New Elephant Road # 01678080804 and Bashundhara Garden City, Level 3, Block D, Panthapath. # 01678080807

Pohela Boishakh with Texmart
TEXMART, which has always been well known for its quality and affordable price of products, has decided to celebrate this year's Pohela Boishakh a little differently. This year, Texmart, for the very first time, has introduced saris in their latest collection. The saris, ranging from Tk 800-Tk 5,500, are each a work of art, with motifs varying from block print, screen print, hand and machine embroidery. Other items include exclusive panjabis at Tk 550-Tk 1150, as well as children's wears at Tk 250-Tk 750.

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