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Foursome brings in old favourites

"In the mood" delighted the audience with favourites from the past on a recent weekend at the Goethe-Institute gallery. Explaining how they got together, the leader of the band, Imran Rahman says, "Andrew is a good friend of mine and we've known each other for three years. He plays both with the 'Renaissance' and with our group. I got into music by strumming with my friend Bogey from 'Renaissance' when we were 15. Music is something I like to be involved with and it gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. I didn't play professionally until the late 90s, when I joined 'Renaissance'. I didn't study music formally but learned by ear.

"We present laid-back songs to soothe the Dhaka listeners after a busy week. The songs are from 60s, 70s and 80s like the Beatles, Paul Simon, Billy Holiday and songs like 'Fly me to the moon', 'Summer time' and more contemporary items like 'Radiohead'. These are songs that Andrew and I grew up with and which, surprisingly, our two young counterparts are well acquainted with."

Asked if he thought that there was a good demand for popular English songs, Imran says, "I think so."

Andrew Morris, the other senior musician of the group, who is also known to Dhakites for his writing, and works in the Education Ministry. "I've been in Bangladesh, on and off, for eleven years. I studied piano and played it for about 12 years. I come from Wales where a lot of children have musical lessons, and music is an important part of their culture. I played the clarinet at school and then I picked up the saxophone, which I played regularly till I was 26. I took it up again after years, coming to Dhaka, watching the performance of several musical groups.

"I also play with 'Ornob', who writes his own music and presents Bangladeshi folk songs, and we played music in Canada, UK and USA. I enjoy playing both Bangla and western music. If it is good music, I'm happy to play with anybody. Since being here I've listened to Indian classical music and Bangladeshi pop music, along with 'Baul' and 'Lalon' songs. In China, earlier, I heard a different type of eastern music, with musicians performing on stringed instruments."

Through their songs, the quartet takes the listeners to a time, which many of its audience can relate to. For others, it is a walk down unfamiliar grounds, but a journey through good music.

By Fayza Haq


Sincerely, to perfumes

Its' about the glee of glam; it's about the splendour of sensuality. It can add a new level to the personality matrix of an offbeat, vivacious individual. It's about the pleasure of holding an ornately designed bottle and dabbing the stopper on your wrist, the fragrance unfurling with an exotic charm.

And when you get all your desired perfume labels at your near proximity to pick from, it's obviously something irresistible. Be it Thierry Mugler, be it Gucci or Givenchy, be it Dolce Gabbana, be it Versace or be it Bvalgari name it and it is there.

The interior of Rainbow Perfumes offers you a striking, glossy look. The décor blends antique ivory-coated glass panels and a glistening lighting system with a touch of attentive organisation, thus creating a gorgeous setting for exclusive perfumes. A conscious contrast of colour and materials, co-coordinating counters, stools, and mirrors adds an iconic duality along with the combination of light and shadow that filters through the pattern. Rainbow perfumes is decorated with a selective distribution of the brands' column showcases, each containing exclusive and new catches of respective brands.

Intricately shaped smooth perfume bottles, with bubbles to accentuate the molten core of bold or mild colour within, itself conveys a message of what is inside. Creatively packaged slick rows of perfumes offer a mesmerising view, attuning the customers a step closer to the sweet addiction. The brand labels include : Burberry, Escada, Pierre Cardin, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Bvalgari, Armand Basi, Mandarina Duck, Gucci, Givenchy, Kenneth Cole, Davidoff, Versace, Lacoste, Joop, Hugo Boss, 4711,Dunhill, Mont Blanc, Cartier, Azzaro, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalri, Catmuse, Nina Ricci and many more. The price range of the perfumes is from TK 1500- 9000, depending on size and exclusivity.

Glow by J'Lo, Exult by Naomi Campbell , Burberry Beat, Escada Moon sparkle, Obsession by Calvin Klein, Lovely Blossom by Armand Basi, Intimately Beckham, Black- Kenneth Cole, Xeryus Rouge-Givenchy, Nautica, Silver shadow attitude by Davidoff etc are some of the rare assemblage that you can find at Rainbow.

If you are in the mood for delighting your special ones with a majestic present, then the perfume gift boxes are definitely the right pick. Gift boxes are categorised according to gender. For Him, the gift box includes a perfume, cologne and moisturizer. For Her, the gift box comprises perfume, shower gel and body lotion. Popular gift boxes are mostly from Burberry, having decorative shapes and frilled wrap-ups. The price range of these special items is TK 4000-7000.

The cosmetics section of Rainbow is also deeply rich. The section contains products from renowned brands like Rochas, L'oreal, Eclipse, Jordana, Personi, Jackelin , Revlon etc. You can select from a variety of products of diverse colour palette nail enamel, lipstick, lip gloss, face powder, blush-on, kohl, eye-liner, mascara etc. of the respective brands. Some exclusive picks include Rochas bronze gel, Lineau Intense, L'oreal endless kissable shine wear, etc.

A different aspect of Rainbow is that it also contains original Zippo lighters having master flint and fuel; the lighters are available in wide varieties of different designs to choose from. The price bracket remains from TK 1250 TK 5500.

“Rainbow is all about a promise to provide the customer base with genuine products that they desire for. We cater to the demand of original perfumes, knowing perfume is a passion to many. You can use the testers yourself to make your purchase decision. We have complete assurance to ensure you the authentic product quality. Rainbow perfumes and cosmetics is a result of my sincere passion and genuine interest. And so, each and every product that you will find here is classic, having brand recognition and equal high performance” say S R Chowdhury, the proprietor of Rainbow Perfume & Cosmetics.

Rainbow Perfume & Cosmetics; Pink City,Shop-4,5,6 (Ground Floor); Gulshan 2,Dhaka. # 9895980

By Zannatul Lamea


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