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Foursome brings in old favourites

Kids deserve a room that reflects their personalities. A thoughtfully designed children's bedroom requires a detailed interview of both the child and the parents. While it is important to know the child's preferences in terms of theme and colour, parents must be consulted about the functionality. In a child's room it's crucial to write down all of the functions of the room.

This week, we look at the bedroom of Nicky and Tara, two little sisters who have come to Bangladesh with their family as UN delegates from the Netherlands.

Generally, an older child uses the room for studying, playing games, entertaining and reading in addition to sleeping. The room becomes a spot where friends come over to play. Furnishings should be selected according to how the space will function. A full size bed is more practical in rooms where friends use the bed for seating.

Our featured room is spacious and two wide windows make the room airy and open. While great for ventilation and natural lighting, the windows posed problems in terms of furniture setting. The girls have two single beds, which we placed in an L-shaped arrangement, separated by a small round table. One bed is white and another one is brown. We maintained this colour palette for the closet cabinet, toy cabinet and the reading table. We made wonderful white toy storage for the kids' favourite stuff. They have a beautiful oil painting with olive green colour chart, so we painted one wall green, another pink, and the third L-shaped striped wall connects both portions of the room intimately.

Children need their own space and their things nearby, starting from toy to a favorite cap. These years will pass by so quickly. A child's room should be fun and lively. Choosing a theme with universal appeal gives room design longevity. We wanted the room to be a place where little girls could giggle. The sisters have lots of toys and hand made paper stuff. We kept an open floor space for playing.

It is almost a given that little girls love pink, but the timeless hue needs clarification before it becomes the launching pad of a room. Go soft and you have got sweet. Go bold and you have got sassy. We installed two lovely pink fabricated sofas for a cozy sitting corner. Furnishing is the key of decor. Bed linen, comforter, and cushions look great in pastel shades and delicate embroidery. Curtains are also an important back drop. We used mugha silk for the Roman blinds and blackout fabric for the daylight hours.

Thus we have a room that's sugar sweet and the perfect retreat for the little girls.]

Interior Consultant
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Photo Credit: Hasan Saifuddin Chandan
Special Thanks: Arther Erken


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