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She is not afraid to show her true colours; the show-stealer. She may be bold or demure but her appeal is striking. Carrying herself with flair, she simply loves her presence to reflect personal charm. The way she commands attention has a powerful message of strength and sensuality.

She likes to play with her styles in colour and drama to create and reinvent looks for herself. She is within us all, and would emerge if only we tried to develop our enthusiasm and desire for panache. Here are a few style tips to give you direction for a more vivid, startling impression. It is characterised for those who like the surprise element suited for a distinctive personality.

The first impression:
Lost in irresistible allure

The hair is natural; bangs can work well into the look. Light waves with seductive twists can only add to the appearance. Try to keep the shades paler and neutral even on your eyes. The key to your brilliant image is going bright coral, or electric fuchsia, or even fire engine red on your full lips. Blot and re-apply to seal the colour and don't forget to add gloss to get your come hither magic.

Fairytale charm
Gold dusted eye shadow lined with gold eyeliner accentuates a waif like appeal. A girl lost in a magical world. Try to keep the skin soft and fresh. Go nude on the lips with delectable, eatable colours like coffee or latte.

The eyes of distinction
This will require strokes of black as a key requirement. The dark bold colour is deep and effective. Apply metallic gel eyeliner over the entire lid and stretch it further out at the corners. You are a serious drama queen on the take at this point and there is no looking back. The entire face should remain pale to create the absolute play of theatrics. You will be a stunner.

Fatale femininity
You may want men to succumb to your charisma. You will need to take a quantum leap to a captivating appearance that can be more than fascinating. Your powerful magnetism will command attention. Use a plum lipstick and go over with a black lip-gloss. Use a pigment shadow in bronze or copper to touch the eyes. With hair tied back you will look compelling.

Fearless escapade
Colour burst

Splashes of colour on your end pieces. Scarves and dopattas or sari aanchal are extremely effective. Accessories in juicy colours are a true lifter. A simple black sari with a brilliant, bright neck piece or multi -coloured swing purse adds an instant perk to a mundane look.

Simple silhouettes
This season we are again looking at simple silhouettes. Shirt dresses, shift styles, A-line single layered kurta patterns. You may or may not fasten a waist detail; it will depend on your level of comfort.

Stacks of necklaces or a bold cuff will take you from noon to night. Wear grey, steel, sand or any neutral that works well for your work, which could easily transcend as an evening-out piece with the right applications.

Ethnic suit
The length is a crucial and an important decision. I believe for the last few seasons diverse lengths have worked. Short, mid or long styles all have been significant styles. The neckline and sleeves have original details with fastenings, pleating, gathers and so on. The rave I should think would be the hemline, which is flowing, and full. It looks great mid length flirty and colourful.

Old school glamour
This season try to re-invent your old school charm. Lace, crochet, net, and muslin, think translucent fine and light. Shalwars are going to be in style whether it is in Turkish, patiala, dhooti, or tulip. This is the time and moment for draped interesting shalwars. Paired with shorter kameez or blouses they do carry a fresh style. They are airy and light and are just the thing for hot and sticky weather. You can also wear fancy pants in jersey.

Classic cool
The colours are white neutral, beige, black, grey, shades of terracotta browns in simple no-nonsense styles. Scoop neck, v-neck, boat neck or just mandarin collars are timeless cuts. The blouses are darted and zipped for a perfect fit with no frills or extra trimmings. Pin tucks are popular as it gives it some definition. At mid-length, it falls above the knee. Pair it with drainpipes or straight easy shapes. But the interest lies in adding unrestrained pieces in metallic that are showy and glitzy. These compliment the classic style.

The finish
A dominant fashion power can easily be displayed through the use of a distinct piece of accessory. A tote for the day and a sleek clutch for the evening are today's ideal option. The tote is most definitely no ordinary purse. An ostrich leather Bottega Venetta, an alligator Burberry Prorsum, a multi-pocketed Dolce & Gabbana or a python Louis Vuitton. These will make a serious statement not meant for the foolhardy but rather someone who is not going to shy away from making a fashion investment. The high street brands Guess, Mango or Benetton also do carry interesting styles within far more suitable budgets. Remember your character is personified by just one single facet.

The final word
The diva is a Bangladeshi girl therefore her styles should not be completely alienated from our culture. Our traditional clothes, even saris can become hip with the simplest twist. Till recent times sari was the only dominant garment. The divas styled and fashioned this piece of cloth in the most iconic ways and shall continue to do so for many more years. The shalwar kameez combo which arrived as late as the 80's has also been infused with a variety of styles but in my opinion the diva who should be spotlighted is the one who can confidently team traditional and western wear in easy metamorphosis. She is the one who can naturally don complex Bangladeshi patterns with flexibility by pairing them with sensible westerns. This 'diva' has arrived, and she is versatile, confident, and global.

Photo courtesy: Dressydale and Andes
Note: Andes' Photo David Paul Barikdar, Styling Aneela Haque, Model: Emi, Ruma


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