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Nature ablaze

When was the last time you took a long walk along the street in between the National Parliament and Crescent Lake? Or a long drive along the snaky highway leading to Jahangirnagar University? Has it been too long?

The season sees nature take up a hostile stance. The scorching sun takes away the life from the soil; it makes the asphalt streets of the city pine for a drop of water. And then, all of a sudden a fiery downpour and gutsy winds wet the ground.

But amidst the seeming enmity, nature emerges in a festival of colour, matching the Spring Splendour in all its vibe. Bright red blooms coupled with the lush greenery of the leaves, puts nature on 'fire' as the 'flames of the forest' blossom amidst the summer heat. And why only Krishnochura, the bright yellow Radhachura is also the flower of the season.

But in all probability 'the flames of the forest' remain the most favourite. The brightness and sheer exuberance of the hues bring out a positive vibe, not to be tampered with regardless of the seemingly hostile nature. The Krishnochura not only puts the forest on fire, it rekindles life within us.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



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