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Hot summer blooms

Come summer, nature takes a fiery tone. Bright, colourful blooms match the splendour of spring. Sure you have got a nice sofa and a comfortable bed at home but to feel and appreciate the new look, one must venture out and seek beauty. So why not bring nature into your dwelling and liven up the spaces where you spend a good share of your time?

Sometimes one can add a new dimension to our interiors by craftily picking blooms, twigs and ferns; small changes that can refresh the mind and revitalise the home.

Pick a corner of your house, secluded from the frequently used spaces like the hallway or the corridors.

The solitary corners can be enlivened with natural flowers, randomly picked from your garden or pots; this will spruce up the atmosphere almost instantly. Reddish orange krishnochuras and flaming yellow radhachuras come cheap this season. Street children sell them at every traffic stoplight. Adding these hues into your homely surrounding will uphold nature's seasonal palette and bring a pleasant 'summery' feeling.

The idea is to add soft yet pleasant touch to your décor, nothing too gaudy or too bookish; but rather fiddling with subtle variation that does wonders. For instance cut a few beli stems with leaves, add a bougainvillea twig and few ferns stems, place them randomly in an old teapot and you've got yourself a bouquet with a personal touch. This is bound to charm your loved ones.

Then of course these fragrant beli, in purest white, in forms of garlands can be placed in an earthen bowl on your bedside table and their sweet aroma will revitalise you in a jiffy. Turn a traditional jug into a makeshift vase and place placid, white lilies, this is the best centrepiece of your dining table this time of the year. These simple additions will do volumes to improve the ambience of your home.

If you are fortunate enough to have a lawn in front, maybe a garden, re-decorating your house with the seasonal blooms becomes a task much simpler; if not, then a walk in the park can help you find the right blooms of the season, but don't forget you always have the florist shops.

You can also add a new touch just by re-arranging the chairs or placing a cushion against the living room window. A round table can also be placed, with the chairs spread around the circumference. A cup of tea or a book or some favourite antique pieces can be placed on top of the table. But don't forget the flowers. They are a gift of this season.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
Email: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed, Tamim Sujat


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