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Cric-time foodfest

Bangladesh is out from the T20 World Cup but there is surely a lot of suspense and drama to look forward to. The odd timing of the games surely leaves much on option for the fast food junkie. Munching on mouth-watering delights is surely a perk of the cricket action this season.

Here are some options you can try, while the slogfest goes on…
Chips have always been a popular snack. Cheetos, Doritos, Lay's and Pringles are the most widely sold ones, offering a wide range of flavours. The prices vary according to size and flavour and range between Tk 150-250.

If you want to try out the spicy Indian chat flavours then Papri Chat, Pogo Papri, Stax, Uncle chips Mirch Masala are the right picks. They come in mini packs at Tk 30-70, you can easily try them before deciding on the family packs. Apart from all these, our very own deshi Pran's roasted peas, Bombay Sweet's chanachur, and popcorn remain the traditional knick-knack snacks.

For the nut lovers, Tong Garden assorted nut cans are the must-buy items. You can choose from salted pistachios to cashew nuts to roasted almonds and lots of other flavours that are available in varying container sizes with a price tag of TK 190-270. Apart from Tong Garden, Nut Candy and Nut Walker are two other brands you can choose from.

Then there is the all time favourite: our own brand of left over sandwich. Take three pieces of sugar free bread, spread mayo, ketchup, and mustard mercilessly and generously. Shred the chicken pieces from the dinner curry; toss that in. Add deshi cheese, try to poach an egg, remember to scramble just the yoke, a few coriander leaves, tomato slices or left over salad and you got yourself a humongous sandwich. However if you have the salami loaves or hunter beef handy than there's nothing like it, throw that in too.

You can also bug mummy dearest to fill the refrigerator with marinated chicken pieces, half done kebabs, potato salad etc; she'll grumble for sure but be more than happy to oblige.

By Zannatul Lamea



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