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Mango fest, pizza mania

DHAKA Regency- the city's most recent five star business boutique hotel celebrates the season of mangoes with its latest food and beverages promotion. Throughout the month of June and July, Dhaka Regency is offering some unique and fabulous recipes to cater to our nationwide mango mania.

By combining mango ingredients, Executive Chef A.T.M. Ahmed has concocted some ingenious desserts and drinks- Panna Cotta with Mango Collis and Virgin Mango Colada to amaze your sense of flavour.

A simultaneous pizza promotion is accompanying the mango season at Dhaka Regency. Lavish with its toppings, the hotel's pizzas have already gained much acclaim. But being favoured has not made the hotel's culinary team sit back and relax. Rather, true to its corporate motto- “we never stop”- the team has increased its effort with renewed gusto to come up with its latest addition to the menu, “Tandoori Naan Pizzas”.

With great toppings such as chicken tikka with mangoes and palak paneer layered thickly on traditional tandoori naans, the hotel expects that it too will receive lots of positive response from its existing pizza lover base as well as gain some new ones.

Interior designing course

SKY-HIGH Institute of Design is offering a one-year diploma course on interior designing. The curriculum includes, among others, lessons on lighting, design theory, building science, CAD 2D - 3D, model making and colour composition. There are also opportunities for free classes. The course allows graduates to seek employment in architecture firms and furniture companies, and also to open their own interior firms.

Contact: Sky-High Institute of Design, House # 27/1, Rd # 13/A, Dhanmondi. # 8120054

BOUTIQUE Manavi opened its first showroom at Pink City, Gulshan-2 on June 6. Rubaba Dowla, Chief Communications Officer at Grameen Phone was the special guest at the event. Manavi promises to deliver the latest collection of women's specialty boutique that is in tune with current trends. Phone# 8859833


Garden on a rooftop
Aiming to encourage a green revolution in the city of Dhaka through proper utilisation of space at rooftops and verandas of millions of households, Initiative for Total Reform (ITR) have recently launched an "Urban Gardening Service" through which you can seek professional help in transforming your unused space into a green niche.

On 9 June 2009, the service was officially inaugurated. A website, www.krishibangla.com, was also launched, which showcases the concept in more detail. For further queries call 01556592106.

Father's day

As the fast pace of urban life takes its toll on our lives, we embrace a westerner's outlook at life. Thus we see Valentine's and other occasions penetrate deep within the social fabric. Father's Day has become a celebrated occasion in the Bangladeshi calendar.

Boutique Shadakalo has upheld tradition in bringing out souvenirs, perfect for the coming Father's Day. Available at all Shadakalo outlet.

Day spa

WOMEN'S World has been an enterprise that put the clients first. A new addition to the services provided exclusively for its clientele is the Day Spa. Feel energised and revived as you avail the offering at Women's World.

Shadamon at Baily Road

BOUTIQUE Shadamon has recently opened its second outlet on the second floor of Navana Baily Star Shopping Complex on Baily Road. The boutique was inaugurated by Sharmeen Lucky on 8 June. Various kinds of saris, shalwar kameez, kurta, fatua, t-shirts etc. are available at the new outlet. # 01732661224


Aarong's father's day offer
MAKE this Father's Day memorable by giving your father an amazing gift from Aarong's gift assortment. An assemblage of special gifts has been developed with the banner “World's Best Baba” using a special check pattern as motif done in burgundy on beige.

The combination perfectly conveys the theme of Father's Day in the ceramic mug and the jute made photo frame that come in this collection. The mug comes in a special box made with handmade paper using the same theme. To go with the product an exciting gift bag made in the same fashion is available for free.

The bag has a small cute greeting card attached to its handmade strap, which can be used to write one or two lines to your father. So why wait? Pick up a wonder gift for your beloved father from any Aarong outlet today.

Lubnan's summer offers

THE Bangladeshi summer has become the longest season of the year. In the fashion scene, this has splashed in an array of cool colours- off white, white, light blue, light pink, soft green and others. Fashion house Lubnan has brought its range of summer attires in 80 different designs- fatua, short panjabi, and kurtas. Made from 100 percent cotton, these attires will definitely cater to your summer needs. Available at all Lubnan outlets.

Cat's Eye opens new branch
Fashion house Cat's Eye has opened its 17th branch in the city at Navana Baily Star Shopping Complex on Baily Road. The outlet offers ladies' wear and also men's wear including accessories.

On The Cover

The rain has been flirting with us for the past few weeks, playing the tease and then showering us liberally. Sail with us to page 7 and let the romance begin.
Photo: Munem Wasef


NOKIA launches N97

THE modern world demands a lifestyle that is continuously on the go; a life comprised of multi tasking and the constant making and maintaining of schedules. Mobile technology is the fastest growing technology in the history of civilization. More so because mobile companies are constantly searching for a way to quench the consumer's thirst that comes from an irrefutable desire to always stay connected to the things around.

Imagine possessing something that allows you to access your work, entertainment and socialize all at the same time; that too at all places, no matter where you are. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, the very latest in the NOKIA Nseries family, the N97 provides just that and even more!

The NOKIA N97 continues to deliver what consumers expect of the Nseries devices - superior quality and leading features combined with a wide range of services that provide a unique mobile experience for the consumer. This device comes with 32 GB internal memory with a microSD card slot for additional memory (up to 16 GB), an nHD display with 16:9 true widescreen resolution, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and dual LED flash - making this the only device to carry for one's daily needs. A GPS and a full HTML web browser with Adobe Flash support rounds out the features of this powerful mobile computer. It is also the first device to feature Ovi Store.

Ovi Store by NOKIA is an online store where consumers can directly access thousands of pieces of mobile content and applications allowing them to truly personalize their mobile phones.

The NOKIA N97 starts selling in Bangladesh by the end of this month. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi consumers can pre-order the NOKIA N97 at this site: www. Nokia.com.bd/N97/N86, and win original NOKIA enhancements. The first 100 who will pre-order and buy any of the two devices from NOKIA stores in Gulshan and Bashundhara City will win NOKIA Bluetooth Stereo Headset-BH604 and the next 50 lucky consumers will get NOKIA Bluetooth Stereo Headset-BH504. The pre-order will continue till June 24 2009.

By Farina Noireet



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