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Hairy situations

Boys wish to imitate daddy and engage in the morning ritual of shaving, sometimes practicing with a bladeless razor in front of the mirror. And I was no different.

'Shaved!' Read the entry on my journal dated 22 August 1996. I was fifteen at the time and my facial hair had not grown fully enough for a close shave. But the temptation of attaining adulthood was too much to bear. The sparse hair follicles that adorned my face made me look like a character right out of a mid-nineteenth century Bangla classic. Since that day the ordeal of shaving has been my everyday morning companion.

I have tried it all- goatee, bushy, even a toothbrush moustache reminiscent of Chaplin, and not to forget the sideburns of the rock n' roll era. My abhorrence for shaving has taken me to a journey, exploring through fashion trends from the pre-historic times to the present. Exploring through whiskers- beard, moustache and sideburns- I have come a full circle.

A perfect grooming

There is a wide range of accessories that men use to groom themselves for the best and smoothest look. You may opt for a James Bond perfecto outlook, but that may at times become expensive. For that matter you may like to check out the shopping guide that we have for you, for making it worth your investment.

Starting off with our options for manual and electric shavers we do have a lot to choose from. Gillette, a renowned brand all over the world offers a variety of different classes of razors for the perfect shave. The razors start off with the disposable ones costing around Tk 30 while the one with cartridges range from Tk 399 to Tk 499. However, you can get extra cartridges, which would be from Tk 270 to Tk 485. Gillette's Mach 3 and Mach 3 Turbo razors form the latest shaving technology, guaranteeing a very close shave from a triple razor blade system. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor makes the closest shave with less irritation, even when shaving against the grain. Gillette also has got electric razors, which previously cost around Tk 650 but the price has come down to Tk 499 now. Glide is another brand that offers razors worth Tk 285 with extra cartridges and you can buy separate cartridges, which are also available at a cheaper price. Bic razors come very handy, and at a price of Tk 25 these disposable ones are easy to use. Electronic trimmers from Panasonic and Sanyo come at a price of Tk 2700 and Tk 2100 respectively.

Our next focus would be shaving creams, which play an important role for a smooth shave. Shaving Gels help to provide ultra-smooth razor glides with no burn or pain, giving maximum protection against irritation. Some say it is essential to having the ultimate wet shave as the gels are specially formulated for delicate skin. Gel helps prepare your beard for a clean, close, comfortable shave. Shaving creams give a rich, lubricating lather that softens and moisturizes the skin. Quality shaving creams provide slip and glide to allow the shaving razor a smooth, nick free passage over the contours of the face. The price of Gillette products range from Tk 130 to Tk 500 and up; the brand has different types of gels as well as foams for all kinds of skin. Then there are others brands as well with prices set between Tk 275 to and Tk 600.

No wet shave is complete without the aromatic fragrance of a quality aftershave. Many shaving creams and shaving soaps complement each other with an aftershave of the same fragrance. Brut provides a good array of aftershaves between Tk 300 and Tk 485. Gillette has also got a good collection and the smallest costs Tk 310 and prices can be as high as Tk 500. Adidas aftershaves are quite affordable and the brand Fa is also available in a much cheaper price. Apart from these, shaving balms provide a moisturizing effect that soothe and calm the skin after shaving. Moisturizing lotion or creams replace lost oils, and protects and conditions the skin after shaving. Scissors are a must tool to be kept in a shaving kit, as many of us to have to trim our moustache and beard after a good shave. Shaving brush is a key tool, which would make the beard go soft and form a rich lather for a nice shave. Mirrors are necessary, and keeping a small one should be a wise decision.

Now that all the quality-shaving products have been mentioned it is expected that you would feel more at ease in choosing the right accessory for your skin. You can now tackle even the heaviest growths, as well as protect the most sensitive parts of your skin, leaving the skin on your face with a feeling of freshness and face a brand new day with more confidence.

By Yamin Tauseef Jahangir



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