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Press to play

IF fragrances are your thing, make a point to check out Playboy's new range “Press to Play”. There are four new stylish fragrances available, depending on whether you want to be suave and sophisticated or cool and edgy.

Taking each of the new fragrances in turn, first off, Hollywood Playboy is for the “smooth and sophisticated man” who loves high-end socialising and vintage cars. Its head note consists of mandarin, thyme, bergamot and elemi. For the heart note, it has lavender, rosewood, jasmine and cedar wood, and at the base, it has vetiver, musk, warm amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Malibu Playboy is for the “cool, tanned and athletic guy” who is into beach parties and the ocean. At its head, it is a mix of citrus, apple, mint, leafy green, verbena and neroli; then at its heart is cedar, jasmine, coriander and iris, before it settles down to musk, tonka, sandalwood and cashmere woods.

Miami Playboy, on the other hand, is “suave, seductive and sexy” destined to be an instant hit with the ladies. It starts off with bergamot, leafy green, apple and ozone; then infuses rosewood, cyclamen and jasmine. Finally, musk, amber and cedar wood forms the base.

Then, of course, there is the Vegas Playboy for the “high rolling daredevil” who indulges in risk, casinos and exclusive parties. It comes in with apple, basil and tea as its head note; then moves on to its heart with lavender, jasmine and geranium. For the finishing touch, the base note consists of musk, vanilla, tonka and georgywood.

This is just a sneak peek into the new Playboy range. To get into the whole Hugh Hefner mode, you know what to do… make a grab for one of these fragrances. They are available on store shelves from September 2008.

By Shahmuddin Ahmed Siddiky



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