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Go green

Monsoon is the perfect time for planting trees. Planting a tree is a worthy investment, as you will likely profit from it in the future. Therefore, if you have an idle piece of land in the city or the village, now is the time to plant some trees as during monsoon much of the labour on their establishment and maintenance is done by nature.

For those living in the city and with no access to gardens, there is a wide variety of potted plants that you can plant indoors. The secret behind successful indoor gardening is choosing the right plant that suits your room temperature and climate.

Sunlight is always important for plant life, and you should consider where you will place your plant and how much sunlight it will get. Outdoor plants require 6 to 8 hours sunlight for better growth and indoor plants need 1 or 2 hours sunlight for its growth.

Avoid placing your plants in dark areas. If you keep it in an air-conditioned room, be sure to keep it near a window. Lastly, before choosing a plant, be well informed of the conditions it can thrive in, and the measures needed to care for it.

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