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Shop Special

Reload your pencil case

As you trod through a stationary store, your fingers reflexively linger around intricately designed erasers, sharpeners or the others of the kind. You have probably caught yourself stuck in a scenario as such. Have you ever given the latter a thought as to why it occurs?

Tethered inside you is a child that attempts to free himself and thus the birth of the sudden attraction towards functioning toys, labelled stationary. As a child, one is bribed with these fancy objects into hours loaded with studies. It is an age-old trick applied by adults worldwide to fixate children's concentration onto books. With the aging of the stationery, fades away the aroused interest.

Marketing strategies to hypnotise children include but do not limit to, perfumed or geometrically cutout erasers and character-oriented pens. Once I met a kindergarten girl who flaunted her assortment of differently shaped erasers. She was excited as to which one she would lay her hands on and spent quite a while contemplating.

These days the market displays a varying range of glitter-pens, gel-pens, markers, penholders, paperweights, paper clips, penholders and the list goes on. A wide range of stationery awaits you at New Market. Besides New Market, you can choose from other well-equipped stores such as Etc., Bishwa Bichitra, Shabuj Library and Islamia Library. Although the prices at Etc. are comparatively a bit higher, the items available are exclusive.

If you walk along the series of stationery shops in New Market, you can buy erasers ranging from Tk 2.50 to 5, geometry boxes from Tk 55 to 210, colour pencils from Tk 50 to 250, pastel colours from Tk 55 to 400, penholders from Tk 40 to 140, bright pencil cases from Tk 25 to 200, pencil sharpeners from Tk 5 to 500, punch point files from Tk 12 to 35 and ring binders from Tk 55 to 90.

The stationery you use is a mirror reflection of your personality. The range of stationery extends to copyrighted Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck to Japanese fictional characters such as Hello Kitty. It is utterly vital that you pay close attention when shopping for your stationery, as your choice determines your portrait.

Moving on from the exteriors of stationery to their utility, we come across their advanced functions transforming architectural blue prints into infrastructures. If you are an architect or one in the making, and haven't paid your visit to the shop called Modern situated at New Market, it is high time you make a move! This shop attends to your needs with reasonable costs.

You can purchase model paper ranging from Tk 25 to 50, baseboard from Tk 60 to 100, holders from Tk 290 to 380, paper cutter from Tk 40 to 60 at this recognised supply store. Its collection further stretches to Uhu glue stick at Tk 50, transparency sheets at Tk 97, sheet alum paper at Tk 20, cork sheet at Tk 35 per piece, pool model at Tk 15 per piece, brown board at Tk 12, and switch board at Tk 25.

Now, all you need to do is, choose the right type of stationery for your customised personality from the designated places at compatible prices. If you are attached to exclusive stationery then high prices are sacrifices you should be willing to pay. So what are you waiting for, unleash that child within and grab your stationery now!

By Imrana Yasmin and Sanjana Rahman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

On The Cover

The more pressure there is on presentation, and the less time there is to ensure quality, there's a greater need to find routines that cater to peace of mind as well as the fitness issues. This week, we look at some new fitness fads in town
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayeed


A leash on words

Mincing words is a craft few manage to master. We are people fascinated by our conversations and when it comes to expressing ourselves, we prefer not to be too discreet. Add to this our innate inclination for exaggeration. Collectively, we simply don't know when to just shut up!

Our cricketers serve as an excellent example. Whenever a zealous reporter shoves a microphone in their face, our cubs roar like tigers but time and again they fail to put words into action.

The media needs a lesson on 'keeping it short' as well. They simply pay no heed to the thumb rule of reporting, which is to convey news without tossing adjectives right and left. And our politicians? Every time we see one speak, we can rest assured that we will have a walk down history without paying little or no attention to the present.

This verbal incontinence is pretty much a national attribute. You encounter it everywhere, be it in family gatherings, on the streets or in an office. Perhaps this is because we love to hear our own voice.

Most of us are familiar with the situation where a family member embarks on a long lecture, advising on whatever it is that we are doing in life. This is not surprising, as advising people gives us the illusion that we are contributing something valuable to another person. What is not normal, however, is the tendency to lecture even when the lecturer does not have any idea about what he or she is talking about.

This last tendency is very harmful, especially when we start taking these useless opinions seriously. Who knows, maybe that is why our politics, economy and cricket are in tatters. Too many people imposing their not-so-expert opinions on people who actually get the job done. As a nation blighted by poverty, it is imperative that we start doing, and talking a little less. Those who have nothing better to do than get in other's ears; maybe it is a good time to concentrate their considerable energies on increasing their own productivity.

By MMZ and STS



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