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smile can make your day, but with missing teeth you might lose the confidence to share your sweet smile with the world. This is where a dental implant procedure can help. A dental implant is nothing more than a metal screw that is placed into the jawbone. It acts as an anchor for a false tooth or a set of false teeth. When a dental implant restoration is perfectly constructed, neither the patient nor anyone else should have any hint that an implant is there.

History of dental implants
Archeologists in the 1930s discovered that the Mayan civilization has practiced using tooth-shaped shells as replacement for lost teeth. This was confirmed in 1970, when Brazilian dental academic Professor Amadeo Bobbio studied the specimen and found that such implants were secured by bone formations, showing the implants were placed during their lifetime.

In 1952, Swedish Professor Per-Ingvar Brenmark, using rabbits in his studies, discovered that titanium was an ideal implant because the bone regenerates around the material, which was later termed as 'osseointegration'. In 1965, he placed the first dental implant in a human volunteer.

Who is a candidate for implant?
Well, anyone in reasonable health who wants to replace missing teeth. You must have enough bone in the area of the missing teeth to provide for the anchorage of the implants. Some people are missing all their teeth and most of those are excellent candidates for dental implants, but today, we use implants to replace small bridges, removable partial dentures and even a missing single tooth.

If a patient does not have enough bone to support a dental implant, bone grafts can be placed.

What is the success rate of dental implants?
This depends very much on where the implants are placed and what they will be called upon to do. The best-case scenario is the placement of implants in the front portion of the lower jaw. Here success can be as high as 98-100 percent. In other areas of the mouth, success rates can drop significantly. According to figures that we have today, the success rate of implants in the front part of the upper jaw are anywhere from 90-95 percent Success rates of implants in the back part of the upper and lower jaw can be in the 85-95 percent range.

What can go wrong with dental implants?
There are really not too many things that can go wrong with dental implants. They can fail to integrate into the bone and come out.

They can fracture or break. There can be problems with the connection between the implant and the prosthesis. There can be an infection or an inflammatory condition in the soft tissue and sometimes in the bone as a result of the implant placement. There can be damage to the nerves in the lower jaw and there can be damage to the maxillary sinus or the nasal cavity. All of these complications are rare and usually account for less than 5 percent of all dental implant treatments. These complications can usually be easily corrected.


Boutique Kapor is showcasing their designer wear on 16 and 17 July 2009 at Drik gallery, House #58, Road #15a, Dhanmondi.
Aptly termed 'kapor' or fabric, the pret-a-porter offers embroidered shalwar kameez and accessories all made from local looms by skilled artisans. The designers' effort saw careful execution of ornamentations on fabrics, with a promise to live up to the expectation of the younger clientele.
The affordable price range ensures that the offering of kapor is within the range of the mass. The exhibition is open for all from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Banglar Roop
Banglar Roop is celebrating monsoon with an exhibition of clothes that have been designed specially for the season. Appropriate materials have been used such as taat, endi cotton, voile, Aarong taat etc. The techniques that have been used in designing are karchupi, machine embroidery, applique, chumki, dollar, spray, block and screen print. The price ranges of the outfits are: shalwar kameez from Tk.750 - 1650, saris from Tk.550 - 2000, short kameez from Tk.450 - 550, ladies' fatua from Tk.350 - 550, fatua from Tk.450 - 550, screen-printed shirts from Tk.300 - 550, short panjabis from Tk.5550 - 1250 and t-shirts from Tk. 150 - 250. Also available are children's clothes.
Showroom 1 - Plaza A.R, Ground Floor, Shop no. 107, Sobhanbagh, Dhanmondi.
Showroom 2 - Genetic Plaza, Ground Floor, Shop no. 101, Dhanmondi road 27.
Showroom 3 - 2/20 Babar Road, Mohammedpur.
# 01674115123



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