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What is a security brokerage service?
In a nutshell it is a service that executes customer orders to buy or sell securities. Banks that provide this service deal in securities and execute buy and sell orders for their security trading customers. These banks also market new securities to raise funds for corporations and other institutions.

What are annuities?
Traditional deposit accounts are not yielding desired interest rates. For this reason customers insist on investment products like mutual fund accounts and annuities. These offer much higher interest rates, which are available in conventional savings accounts.

Because of their higher return these products carry higher risks. Annuities are long term savings plans, which assure the customer a steady stream of income beginning on a designated date, usually the retirement date.

What are Mutual Funds?
Some banks have organised subsidiary firms or they themselves deal with investment programs, which acquire stocks, bonds, and other securities, which seemingly fit the funds and announced goals. This could maximise income or achieve long-term capital appreciation.


A beginning

STYLE World will open its doors from 23 July 2009. A fashion house with a motto to provide the latest in fashion, Style World blends Eastern ideas with Western styles. Apart from the contemporary designs the prices are competitive, set to attract a wide audience.

The exclusive launching will be graced by designer Bibi Rassel and sixteen models who will showcase and promote the products. Other guests will include renowned couturiers, artists and filmmakers.



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