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Melting addicts

Sadness comes in different forms here. Through swollen lips, damp cigarettes, over worn jeans. It comes when I try to walk out of rooms hoping to be stopped, wanting to be held. Instead I keep crossing room after room, as days slip by, looking for the exit door, but I end up finding more open doors closer to the core and furthest from air, water and sunlight. Here I only feel the heat of flowing lava, fire and volcanic breeze. And I burn, burn till my outside is the colour of sunset and my inside cries for the comfort of repetition.

Five little children surrounded me. Two of them carried necklaces; one holding ten kodom blooms while the last two had nothing to offer. It was mid morning, the end of my sari was already wet from crossing puddles created by rain, that didn't cool the earth. The little ones insisted I buy something, so I wore ten beli phool necklaces around my arm and a kodom on my braided hair. Not really the most professional way of walking into a meeting, I must say, but I wanted to be earthy because some days I like to pretend like I care. Since sadness is married to pretension, I gave in.

Detached from the world in the depth of depression I had discovered an addict. She threatened to burn me alive every time I tried to leave her. Her addiction was everything and anything; she drank blood and wine; smoke came out of her nostrils, mouth and tears down her eyes, contaminating the wide space inside my chest.

I had kept that space vacant for things I wanted to remember, there were post-it notes, old calendars with special dates circled with red markers and a removable tattoo. But overpowering all of that, it was now smoky and blue like the inside of a dodgy nightclub at the wrong side of the right city.

The addict drowned me in her happiness and wanted me to swim along the depths of her boredom. I did for a while until I too smelled like depression and coughed up smoke straight from the empty space of my chest.

When I left her finally, I was done for. Sadness visited me almost every day, pretension cried at my doorstep waiting to be embraced. The flower children on the streets stopped taking showers and their bodies smelled of dried fruits and gas combustion. They ran towards me every time I left home, chasing me with their necklaces, flowers and smiles that only frightened me.

I threw money at them, they collected every penny and left me two lucky petals, one for “he loves me” and another for “he loves me not.” I stared at them for a while and right when I had made my choice of which one to pick, a lopsided bus ran over them turning them into ashes instantly.

So I returned home without the presence of the addict, or the petals which said “love me” and “love me not”. Sadness came in with me hanging from the strap of my purse, climbing up my spine.

I sat down and welcomed the colour of sunset all over my body and heard someone locking the door from the outside. Post-it notes and old calendars crowded around me, they looked for a place to move into while I gathered the scraps and scotch taped my heart.

News Flash

Sentosa scores a hat-trick

FOR the third year running, Sentosa has won the much coveted award for the Large Attraction category at the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Asian Attractions Expo 2009 at a ceremony held in Seoul, Korea. Based on an online vote that was open to both leisure industry professionals and the general public throughout Asia, Sentosa beat strong contenders including Hong Kong Disneyland, China's Chimelong Water Park and Korea's Lotte World to win the award. Sentosa was the only Singapore attraction to be nominated under this category.

Also doing Singapore proud was Sentosa 4D Magix, which took the honours in the Small Attraction category. Sentosa 4D Magix is a state-of-the-art theatre offering a full spectrum of visual effects, surround sound, individually controlled motion seats and special live environmental effects.

The Asian Attractions Awards was launched in 2007 to give due recognition to Asia's leading attractions. For more information on the awards, please log on to:http://www.attractionsandresorts.com/about-us.html

Style World

ON 23 July 2009, Sony Cinema Complex at Mirpur turned into a melting pot of fashion, style and glamour. In a star studded event, "Style World Design Ltd." made its entry into the scene catering to needs of the youthful fashionistas of the city.

The launch of the fashion house was followed by a dazzling show, where catwalk queens and showstoppers walked the runway. The audience expressed appreciation for the event and satisfaction at the competitive price tags.

With Eid around the corner, the whole country will engage in a fiesta of style. Style World is definitely one place you should check out.



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