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By the way

Space utilisation

We live cramped lives where space is precious. Gone are the days when children had playgrounds to play almost in every locality of Dhaka. All is not lost however; you can modify games to suit surroundings.

For example, French cricket is ideal for small spaces, look up the rules or make your own. Don't play with hard cricket balls indoors if you like a roof over your head; there are lots of softer options available at cheap prices that won't endanger the furniture or decoration pieces.

Playing games on rooftops has also become popular; it's a common sight to see children playing football on rooftops. Remember though, while having fun it is important to do it responsibly. Always ask permission from elders when going to the roof, and be sure that the railings are high and safe. In this the rainy season the rooftop may not be the best option. But there is always the garage. Wherever it is, having fun is a state of mind; use your imagination to make the best of surroundings.



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