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Sharing is fun

The world has never been the same since the advent of the most indispensable gadget of modern day living- the cellular phone. Amidst the hectic schedules of almost all inhabitants of today's world, the mobile phone has not only been a godsend during moments of emergencies wherever you are, but today, the usability of the cell phone has reached a whole new level altogether. It can be safely said, that there are truly no boundaries to mobile phone technology and the ways in which it makes life so much easier for us.
In an event flanked by celebrities, on 10 August 2009, at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, Nokia launched Ovi Share, a free service for hosting and sharing photos, videos and more. Ovi means 'door' in Finnish and is the brand name for Nokia Services offering five core solutions- music, media, games, messaging and maps. It's a free media-sharing service, which provides unlimited storage for photos, videos and other media types and supports over a hundred different media file types. It's easy to upload, share and reuse your personal media through your Nokia device, as well as update your blog, website or social network profile on-the-go with Ovi Share.
The event also featured the launch of two new Nokia handsets. The Nokia 6700 classic, priced at Tk 21,600, comes with a 5 megapixel camera, assisted GPS navigation with Nokia Maps and high speed data access. And the Nokia 6303 classis, with a 3.2 megapixel camera and 2.2 inch screen is a model that truly sets a style statement.
To make sharing more fun and engaging, Nokia announced a special campaign “Click! Share! Win!” featuring four celebrities- Nobel, Tarin, Bindu and John. Nokia will set up eight photo booths in renowned shopping malls across Dhaka and Chittagong for consumers to take their photographs and share in Ovi. The celebrity panel will then judge the 200 most stylish photographs and the winners will get shopping vouchers from fashion outlets, Cat's Eye, Artisti, Westecs and Shoppers' World. Consumers can also log on to www.nokia.com.bd and view details of the competition and upload their photos from the phone or computer. The campaign will start from 15th August and continue till the end of September 2009.
By Farina Noireet


Succulent grilled chicken chunks are prepared to your choice of the sauces available: Hot peri-peri, Mild peri-peri, Wild herb peri-peri and Garlic peri-peri. For beginners, we recommend that you stick to the mild, because your tamed taste buds might not be ready for “the ride of fury” with the Hot peri-peri. Nando's has opened its doors to the chicken lovers all over the city at Gulshan-1, as a succession to the poultry lovers' hub located at Dhanmondi. Nando's originated in a South African Portuguese colony, bringing to you the true taste of South African with a Portuguese tinge. Once you are introduced to the secrets of their peri-peri sauces, you will be left longing for more. Quality is refined and the service is up to the standards. Their new array of mocktails is a bunch of smooth talkers, if you know what we are talking about.
The architecture of the new building is environment friendly powered partially with solar panels. Energy saving lights have been installed for further efficiency. Nando's has further taken initiatives to collect and harvest rain water for reuse within the premises. The building blocks of the building have been collected from various parts of the city and reused exhibiting a smart move on recycling. Bamboos and other such nature based extracts have been used in creating the look.
The fame and the goodwill await you. Be a judge of the taste yourself.
By Sanjana Rahman

Khana Khazana: The same old soul quenching taste at a new location

Located just ten seconds away from the former building, your eyes will not be able to glance away from the new, exquisite and ultra chic venue. Take a left on Road# 55 and voila- you have arrived to satisfy our taste buds with a traditional Nawabi Indian cuisine. The elaborate interior of the majestic restaurant has been designed by Maheen Khan. The designer has walked the extra mile to exclusively handpick every piece of artwork on display.
Bangladeshi culture has been the focus of the new architecture. The artifacts have been collected from various parts of the country from the stretches of Potuakhali to Bikrampur. The identity of our native land has been rediscovered through the new décor with handloom wall-mats and terracotta. Our deduction: a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Various paintings created by local artists are exhibited on the walls to add to the Bangla ambience. This is a resto-gallery where the paintings have price tags attached. You can pick your own painting, to a story that you can relate to.
A rich, royal feel embraces the atmosphere of the place, from the details embedded to the delicacies on the plates. Khazana's top priority is to serve you to your utmost satisfaction. It is an experience that awaits you not just another dine out. During winters tandoori will be presented on the outskirts of the building.
Indian spices and herbs have been imported to add to the perfection of the taste and Saffola oil has been introduced to comfort and protect your heart. Iftar buffet with a follow-up dinner will be available during the month of Ramadan at a per head cost of Tk. 750. Iftar items will be available from 1.00pm till the stocks last. Shahi Haleem, Gosht Dum Biryani, Lazeez Murgh kabab, Chana Chat Pata and many more will be available to open your fasts with. Khazana knows that you deserve nothing but the very best after hours of fasting. To add to the sweet ending is a wide selection of but not limited to, Son papri, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Lemon Sandesh. Selected iftar items will be available at the Dhanmondi outlet and all the items at the Khazana iftar bazaar located at the old Khazana premises.
By Sanjana Rahman


Exactly how many times have you gone through an issue of Vogue, Elle, or Cosmopolitan, and you came across an advertisement of the latest fragrance from Christian Dior, Gucci or some other brand with a sample scent strip, and you close your eyes as you take in the mesmerising new fragrance and sigh…. “I've got to have this!” Only to open your eyes the very next moment and wonder how you can get your hands on a latest brand of perfume, unless you have someone who lives or is going abroad and can get it for you. Fortunately, with the launching of stores dedicated entirely to fragrances, such as Perfume World, by Bangla Perfumes Ltd., getting hold of the very latest in the world of fragrances is no longer a task of excruciating waiting.
The second outlet of Perfume World, at Navana Tower, Gulshan 1, was inaugurated on 11 August 2009, with much fanfare, amidst celebrated TV and fashion personalities the likes of Farzanan Shakil, Sharmin Lucky, Kaniz Almas, etc. Co-celebrating this event, Bangla Perfumes Ltd., also launched 'Love of Pink', the very latest in the line of fragrances by Lacoste. Embodying all that is fresh, floral and fruity, with key notes of pink magnolia, lemon peel, jasmine and more, 'Love of Pink' is a fragrance that screams simple, summer freshness.
Khandaker Nazrul Islam, CEO, Bangla Perfumes Ltd., explains, “Our aim is to make available for our clientele, the very latest fragrances from famous international brands, and through our company, we intend to provide products that are original.”
Bangla Perfumes Distributors Limited has been in business for twelve years now, importing and distributing original products from renowned international brands to stores such as Mantra, Vasavi, Ecstasy, etc. Their list of brands include namely Gucci, D&G, Burberry, Cartier, Versace, Escada, Hugo Boss, Swiss Army, Azzarro, Hermes, Roberto Cavalli, etc.
The first outlet of Perfume World is situated at Banshundhara City.
By Farina Noireet

Ayurveda - healthy and herbal

The Art of Living Foundation Bangladesh is organising a workshop on “Ayur Jagruti an Awareness Workshop on Ayurveda.”
Event: 19 and 20 August 2009 (6 pm to 9.30 pm)
21 Aug 2009 Friday (10 am to 6 pm)
Venue: Engineers' Institute, near Ramna Park
Contribution: Tk 3500 (including 'Ayurveda lunch' on 21 August Friday)
Contact: 01199846602, 01713083639
Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Parikshan) is available separately by appointment!

With the advent of the new world comes its many (supposed) blessings, all with the stated purpose of making life easy. But perhaps somewhere in that rat race to ease life we have forgotten the punctuation in our grammar of ambition and do not even bother to move our collective rear, easing ourselves into the couch potato lifestyle.
This is not the end of the story, with our propensity of going from rest to being lazy to being restless, and the necessary costs of such impulsiveness, we have created a world where air contains toxic gases, water contains dirt, food contains contaminants. And all these are religiously devoted to make our doctors rich.
Moreover are those medicines a sure cure for all ills? Are chemicals always performing miracles on you? Is it always necessary that two negatives will make a positive?
Even if it sometimes seems like we have created more problems in our pursuit for solutions then we can handle, we can always turn to the most obvious source of solutions -- nature. From organic food to power yoga to transcendental meditation- all of these founded in our subcontinent but popularised by the west. It is time we capitalise on these backyard methods for a healthier living.
Ayurveda is also a lifestyle that falls in the homegrown category. It has been there for around 3000 years. According to the principles of Ayurveda, human being is a miniature imitation of the universe, and whatever properties are contained in the universe are also found in the human body and whatever are in the human body are found in the universe.
Ayurveda is based on the concept of an internal "vital force," or energy, which sustains all life. Illness occurs if there is any derangement in the body humors. The internal administration of drugs plays an important part in treatment. The drugs are used primarily to eliminate causative factors. Ayurveda covers all areas of our daily life from sleeping to eating to walking to sexual habits. Meditation and herbal remedies remain integral parts of today's ayurvedic therapies and may represent that system's only concrete medical benefit.
Deepak Chopra, the popular physician, author and promoter of Ayurveda, says that cures for physical disorders will be found in nature's intelligence, where Ayurvedic herbs, minerals and metals "think" the way humans do. Further, Chopra asserts that "for every thought there is a corresponding molecule. If you have happy thoughts, then you have happy molecules. Ayurveda speaks for itself and does not need a marketing strategy as advocated by the most famous beautician Shahnaz Hussain whose ayurvedic products has 400 global franchisees which brings a Rs 650 crore revenue. Hollywood megastars like Sylvester Stallone opted for ayurveda and the list continues to grow.
Ayurveda practitioners contend that whether it is lifestyle disorder, physical or mental imbalances ayurveda, is a panacea to maintain good health in today's world. It promotes health in a holistic way. It includes principles and practices that strictly follow the laws of nature.
Life today
It seems to be a real challenge to maintain good health in today's world. Reasons could be stress, pollution, unwholesome ways of living, lack of understanding about oneself and a suitable routine, diet and other healthy practices of living.
Over generations, man has moved away from the nature and healthy way of living, the immune system of the human body has weakened and vulnerability to diseases increased.
Today, the need for a holistic approach to health is more significant than ever before. Neglecting one's own body due to either ignorance or negligence may lead to serious health problems.
Why Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a science of life that promotes health in a holistic way. It includes principles and practices that strictly follow the laws of nature. Ayurveda provides natural measures for retaining and regaining health by living in tune with one's own nature.
'Ayur Jagruti' intends to bring this knowledge back to our homes. Knowledge about the fundamental principles of life and understanding the functions of our body will help us to remain healthy throughout the life.

Compiled by Rafi Hossain


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