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Week 1


“A good deed a day, keeps bad luck at bay”

Hand out some handsome tips to a less fortunate member of your working stuff at your office so that s/he can prepare a delectable iftar for the family.


Donate books to your old school, or if you please, to a school for the needy. Islam places great emphasis on the transfer of knowledge. Give away books that you no longer need or wish to keep.

Pack a few boxes of homemade iftar and some sherbet and hand them out to commuters waiting at a traffic jam and running late. This is a common practice in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and we should certainly devote our attention to such a noble act. You will be sure to gain tons of blessings for this noble deed.

Set some time aside for yourself after the Fazr prayers and engage your soul in Dhikr for a while. You will feel an incomparable spiritual elevation and will find yourself ready to embrace the chores of the day with a rejuvenated spirit.


Children need to grow up as children. It is their right, not a privilege. The children of the needy often do not get the luxury of learning to paint or draw. Give them an opportunity. Buy a pack of crayons and some colouring books for these children and put a smile on their faces.

Visit an elderly relative, a great aunt you have not seen for long or maybe your uncle with whom you never really clicked. Reduce some of their loneliness by chatting away an idle afternoon and sharing iftar with them.

Give compliments to five people you meet today. Honestly, that's the least you can do.

By Wasia Mehnaz



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