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The Girl

Dynamic duds
This month, Lifestyle brings you a weekly pin-up of our picks for looks both men and women to help you pick your Eid outfit. We're bringing you the scoop on the latest hairstyles, the coolest couture, make-up tips, and accessory notes. Mix it up and find your perfect look for the festival season.

Rambling rose.
Flowers are a quick, fresh and relatively inexpensive way to add a quick pick-me up to your look. Roses, in particular, have their own regal charm. Tuck a bloom behind your ear for a romantic touch.
Opposites attract:
Pair smoky eyes with nude lips, or vice versa for a look that spells drama. When going for strong make-up, it's best to focus on one feature, i.e. the eyes, or the lips, and play down the rest to prevent from looking overblown.
Polka pop.
The monochromatic scheme looks even better with geometric prints. Polka dots, in particular will never, ever go out of style.
At work and play.
A dress shirt is versatile garment, and can be worn in many ways to suit any occasion. Pair it with a discreet scarf for that meeting, a string of beads for a party, or wear as-is with a pair of capris for a day of comfort and fun.

Model: Trina
Wardrobe: Anokhi
Photo: Apurbo
Farzana Shakil

The Boy

Eco chic.
While driving your own rick is not an option for everyone, bike or walk to shorter distances. You save up on fuel costs, and get some exercise at the same time.
Study in contrasts
Mixing it all up has worked for fashionistas over the ages. Wear up a traditional outfit with a contemporary hairdo. We particularly dig the aviator look.
Killer casual.
Bright colours will light up the scene this fall. Go for unusual colours like purple, orange, and lime green to play up the deshi skin palette.
Workout wows.
There's nothing hotter than a buffed up bod to flesh out those bright tees. Hit the gym today, and you'll be thanking us tomorrow.


Model: Asif Azim
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Wardrobe: Personal
Panjabi Courtesy: Cat's Eye
Styling: Farzana Shakil


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