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Shadakalo's “lace…fita lace”

No one hears the hawkers cry anymore, selling lace, ribbons and glass bangles going door to door. Boutique Shadakalo always strives to break the norm and bring some new dimension in fashion, or more appropriately, style.
An array of sari, shalwar kameez, panjabi, kurta and tops, the boutique creatively binds with the theme of 'lace and ribbons'.
Available in all Shadakalo outlets.

Doorjee's men's collection

This year Doorjee completes eleven glorious years of customers' satisfaction. Doorjee has always been an exclusive boutique house catering to diverse tastes and wants. After the successful launch of "Doorjee Casual" early this year, Doorjee yet again surprises the customers with the new Limited Edition Panjabi line. Designed with embroidery on kaatan, jamdani and kantha stitch, these ethnic and trendy designs on cotton, handloom and raw silk materials are sheer showstoppers. Price range starting from Tk 1000 to Tk 3000. Apart from this the usual new Eid Collection of shalwar kameez available from Tk 1000 to Tk 4000 range.

Outlet: House #7, Road #23/A Gulshan #1. doorjee@hotmail.com #8812786, 01911623636.

Eid is not only the most important religious festival for Muslims, but also a carnival where people from all religions and walks of life bask in the sheer fervour of the day. Eid means sweetened food, a feast of desserts; Eid means going to the Mosque with the family; and of course Eid means new clothes.
This year Nabarupa celebrates with their myriad collection of sari, shalwar kameez and panjabi in extensive designs of sequins, karchupi, mirror work, appliqué, machine embroidery, block prints and batik.
Outlets: Lalmatia; Mirpur #2; Kemal Ataturk, Banani; Rankin Street, Wari; Younusko Centre, Chittagong.


…for that special one

This is our effort to help you please that special one, or maybe just simply yourself. This week and in the weeks that will follow we shall suggest ONE special gift that you can make on your own. Week two: cargo scarf. Give it a try…

Step 1
Materials: 1/2 yard 45" wide cotton for the outer layer, 1/2 yard lining, a couple of decorative trims, a few inches of narrow elastic and a measuring tape.

Step 2
Mark and cut your fashion fabric--you'll need two 6" wide strips and the fabric length depends on how long you want your scarf to be.

Step 3
Cut two identical strips from the edge of the lining fabric.

Step 4
With right sides together, sew the two strips of fashion fabric together. Then, sew together the two strips of lining fabric. This will give you a very long strip of each fabric. Press the seams open with a warm iron.

Step 5
Draft pocket patterns. For flat objects (credit cards, ID, etc), a pocket pattern can be drafted simply by tracing around the object and adding a 5/8" seam allowance all around. For thicker objects add a space equal to the object's thickness all around and then add 5/8”. Repeat this step for other pockets.

Step 6
Using the patterns you have drafted, cut the desired number of pockets out of the remaining lining fabric. For each pocket, cut a strip of fashion fabric 1 1/2 “ wide and as long as the top edge of the pocket. Place these strips right side together with the pocket pieces, and stitch 5/8" from the edge. Fold the seam open, then press and then turn the edges to the wrong side of the pocket, leaving a small (about 1/4") line of fashion fabric visible on the right side. On the right side, stitch along the first seam, securing all the loose fabric edges to the wrong side of the pocket.

Step 7
Fold in the other sides of the completed pocket, 5/8" from the edges, and secure with pins. Pin to the right side of the lining strip in the desired location, keeping in mind that the outer 5/8" of the strip should be left clear for the seam allowance. Stitch the pocket in place, approximately 1/4" from the pocket edge.

Step 8
Place the two strips right side together, and stitch along the two long edges and the angled short edge, leaving a 5/8" seam allowance.

Step 9
Fold in the raw edges on the open end; press flat and topstitch and stitch in trims of your choice to the edges. Top stitch again to secure.


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