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Delightful dining table

THE dining room is a natural place to try out different colour combinations because necessary accessories alter its palette almost daily. In fact since the table is the focus of a dining room, changing its colour scheme with accessories is easier and more affordable than it is in almost any other space in the home.

To coordinate your dining room, divide it into two parts: the table setting and the room at large. Dress the dining table with the colours you love, whether muted or bold; collect a wardrobe of table linens, dishes, glassware, placement, napkins and centerpieces in your favorite hues.

Colour also influences atmosphere. There's lots of conventional wisdom about colour; red is proven to stimulate appetite and conversation, orange is warm and lively, beige or brown with walnut mahogany, teak furniture are always natural with classic impression. This week our focus is on a table setting with funky accessories.

Today's dining room is in a neutral beige color. We used a long rectangle mirror with a dark brown wooden frame as backdrop for this room. The table is a smart and trendy rectangular piece with glass top and straight high chairs, upholstered simply with leather. A long hanging light is suspended from the white ceiling.

We complemented the crockery and cutlery with trendy patterned napkins. These are paper napkins, useful for a quick party. Eating at a collector's table can be a bit like attending the theater. In fact it may be the best place in the house for displaying your favorite collections. As a designer, I love to collect dining accessories. The printed napkins with place mats and glass sets in matching patterns can be ideal for any festive time breakfast; the blue printed place mat and mixing blue glasses, can double as an artful display, where white teacups can invite pleasant mealtime reveries.

A long white glass vase with spring flower also creates drama. Black and white combinations are also great. I used black handmade fabric place mats with polka dotted plates for dinner. Bold printed side plates are included, as are a big white dish with small bowls which create a lovely centerpiece on the table.

Children love parties. We can use colorful printed napkins and candles and even paper plates. These all are very quick and easy for a party. Furnishing in a dining space should not only be usually striking but also feel good to the touch. In a dining space the fragrance and flavour of food, the clatter of crockery and cutlery and the glow of candle light all stir the senses.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo credit: Tamim Sujat


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