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Ahh! shingara

We are very fortunate to have a rich culture of snacks in Bangladesh. Wherever you are in the city, there is always a place nearby where you can go and satisfy your appetite for some titbits, of which the list is endless. One particular favourite among a majority of Dhakaites is the shingara, the quintessential snack item.

A very important characteristic of a snack is that it can be eaten on the go, and the shingara is as neat as it gets. Housed in an exterior of dough are the delicious fillers that range from aloo with peas, cauliflowers and carrots, to keema, and kolija. The city is dotted with snack joints selling shingaras, but the following are a few places where you can eat and come away not only satisfied, but sated.

Rifles Square: Many with food on their minds may walk straight up the stairs of the mall towards Helvetia, but if you are looking for shingaras walk around the steps to a quaint little shop beneath the stairs. Among many other items, their shingara is a gem. It is of the vegetarian variety and larger than the average size which gives it great value for money. The combination of fillers seems just right, creating a delicious flavour.

If you spend your day in the Gulshan, Banani area, make your way to Baridhara road twelve, and ask around for Mollar Shingara, and locals will point you to a tin shack that is a favourite haunt of students of the nearby IUB campus. The vegetarian shingara is deliciously fresh as the eatery is always kept busy by the hungry students.

For meat lovers there are great options too. On the ground floor of Gulshan 1 market is a snack shop that sells shingaras with kolija (liver) fillers which, judging by the large crowd is very popular. This type of shingara can also be found in Gausia market, where it is equally popular and a favourite of a lot of shingara lovers.

With shingaras, the price is rarely an issue; what one has to watch out for is that the fillers are fresh and that the shingaras are not fried in stale oil. The above is just a sample of the great shingara joints in town. Sample them and also treat your taste buds with this great snack by hunting out other places with great shingaras.




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