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Dear Sadia,
My thirteen-year-old has a lot of pimples on her face and body. I am not sure how to treat them. She is so young and I don't want to give her facials. What I need to know is should I go to a doctor, or give some clean-up facials. Plus if you could kindly throw some light on what should be her diet as well. Thank you.
- Saima

Dear Saima,
Unfortunately your 13 year old is going through immense hormonal changes, though some teens have a fairly easy time and don't suffer too much, there are some that have to deal with a lot.

The most common affliction is teen acne (not to mention mood swings).

If the acne is very severe by all means see a doctor, he will give a mild long-term anti-biotic course that will yield good results.

Whether she under goes medical treatment or not here's what she should do--

Wash face every morning and night with Neem soap.

Use a fine scrub on face and back twice a week. Be gentle, do not damage pimples, rub carefully around them. Damaging them will lead to scarring.

Use the following pack everyday: 2 tsp neem paste (fresh leaves), ¼ tsp turmeric, ¼ ground cloves. Mix well and apply for 15 minutes, then wash off.

Use the same mixture only on the spots at night before bedtime, wash in the morning.

Facials must be avoided like the plague if you have acne, but acne treatments can be tried.

Do not apply hair oil over night, oiled hair should be washed within the hour.

Diet should be healthy and wholesome at her age irrelevant of acne or not. Fried food should be avoided. Lots of fruit juice and plenty of water are important.

Dear Sadiya,
I am a 40 year-old working mom. Recently I am facing a receding hairline problem. I have had a layered cut with bangs coming up to my cheek, but still I look bald. Please help me.

Dear Troubled,
If your bangs are till your cheeks then they are still too long. Cut them till below your eyebrows in a slightly uneven way. Most of the forehead has to be covered or it won't serve your purpose.

Dear Sadia
I have a burn injury mark on my hand. I want to know if there is any herbal solution to get rid of this mark.

Dear Zeenat,
Herbal solutions are not so efficient for burn marks but there is no harm in using ointments like Mederma available at the local pharmacy, they are quite effective.

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