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A sip of Kazi tea

The philosophy at the core of Kazi and Kazi (KK) tea constitutes of great tea production while simultaneously preserving the natural and the social environment. The company's commitment to the organic production of tea is conducted in an innovative process without any hindrances to nature's cycles.

Organic tea production uses no artificial or chemical components but instead blends in nature's processes to fertilise the plants and control pests. Nature's gift to you comes in a cupful of finely blended and intense aromatic KK Tea. It is the only local organic tea certified by USDA and SGS. KK tea is a premium and reaches out to an elite clientele.

The smooth quality of the tea has earned them places at Harrod's in London and Whole Foods in the United States. KK tea has acclaimed the international branding of Teatulia and has furthermore received an honourable mention at World Tea Championship. This year KK tea has launched the super beneficial Organic KK Green Tea and the Organic KK Tulsi Tea.

Green tea comprises of medicinal ingredients that aid in disease prevention, indigestion and works as anti-aging agents. Moreover, antioxidants are found in many folds in green tea, which rejuvenate your skin, keeping you healthier and fresher.

Tulsi tea contains properties that lower cholesterol and reduce stress-induced diseases. Organic farming uses the concept of renewable resources, employing them efficiently and retains the fertility of the soil. KK tea is the only single-estate premium blend tea so why not drink your way to health? Cheers to life mates.

By Sanjana Rahman



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