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Bangkok bonanza

We went to Bangkok a couple of years back as my husband needed back surgery. My two sisters-in-law went with us. We put up at A-One Bangkok Hotel, which is quite close to Bangkok Hospital where my husband was due for the surgery. He had his check-up and was supposed to check into the hospital the next morning.

Chhutu, my younger sister in-law and I had to go to Sukumvit, the main shopping and business area of Bangkok. We left my older sister-in-law who is popularly known as bubu to all my family members to take care of my husband who was in great pain with his ailing back.

As we went through the reception of the hotel, I suddenly had a bright idea. I went up to the lady at the reception and asked for a business card of the hotel so that we could ask the taxi driver to drive us back to the right hotel.

We finished our work at Sukumvit and hailed a taxi. I asked the cabbie to take us back to the Hotel A-One Bangkok. But he seemed a bit clueless so I showed him the business card I'd picked up at the hotel. He looked at it for a few seconds. Then he reached for his glasses in the glove box, put them on, and looked at the card again. He turned it around a few times and then said in broken English that he would take us there.

Both chhutu and I got in and started chatting nineteen to the dozen as the cab plied through the busy Bangkok roads.

After a little while we entered the driveway of the hotel. I was a bit surprised that it had taken very little time to get there whereas it had taken ages for us to ride to Sukumvit from the hotel. But I didn't say anything thinking that the cabbie must have taken a shortcut. It looked a bit unfamiliar but since we were chattering away we hardly noticed. Before getting out, I asked the concierge who stepped forward to open the door for me if it was Hotel A-One Bangkok. He nodded his head so both of us climbed out and walked into the lobby. The place didn't look very familiar but none of us said anything.

We got into the lift which also looked different.…yet we kept on chatting. I barely noticed another person in the lift. I punched the button on the lift for the floor we were on. When we got there, we stepped out and the gentleman who was with us stepped out too. We took a few steps and I realized we were not in the same hotel. I shrieked in English, “chhutu, I have an awful feeling that we're not in the right hotel!” The American gentleman who was with us in the lift asked us which hotel we were looking for. I said the name. He grinned and said that we were at the Arrow Grand Hyatt!

We couldn't stop laughing at our stupidity as we asked the concierge to find us a taxi that would take us to the right hotel. We kept on laughing all the way back and till this day I cannot fathom how daft we both had been.

Discovering your hair type

It is not really hair type but scalp types, as the hair is merely an extension of the scalp. There are three different categories: oily, dry and normal. Sometimes however, the scalp may be oily and the hair dry. In such a case, oil from the scalp, leaks on to the hair, making it oily.

If your hair gets oily or sticky the very next day after it is washed, then your hair type is oily.

If your hair needs to be washed just once a week, then you have dry hair. This hair type can also be determined if still dry after conditioning.

A balance between these hair types is normal hair, that is, when it needs to be washed twice a week.

News Flash
Kray Kraft

Advent of winter brings in glad tidings of another season of wedding fiesta. Kray Kraft joins in the festivity with their new Wedding Collection.

Extensive use of dupion, Joy silk, Bolaka silk, cotton and yarn dyed endi have been made while preparing the groom's line unconventional cuts and patterned designs have got highlighted. Provided you allow 15-20 days time, KK is offering a be-spoke wedding collection for the entire wedding entourage including the man and wife to-be, starting from some dazzler for the engagement; a traditional, homely gaye holud and glittering wedding, followed by ravishing walima that would bring a befitting end of wedding rituals.

Be sure to check KK's Wedding Collection at any of their outlets in and around the city!

Eid at Trendz

At Trendz, experienced fashion designers create lines, the quality of which they are committed to uphold. For the coming Eid, the designers have attempted to base their designs on discussions held with their clientele.

During Eid, Trendz will offer women's and men's panjabi, formal shirts, casual shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, fatua, twill and denim pants. The women's line includes striking ladies' tops, fatua, ladies' shirts, formal and denim pants. The men's shirts and pants have been done so that they are appropriate for both casual and formal/office wear. When designing the women's line, special importance was given to the colour schemes of the attires, which can be found in hues of white, red, maroon, parrot-green, black, pink, etc. All the ensembles have embroidery and karchupi work done by hand, while others are machine-embroidered. Material for the panjabis include handloom silk, endi and cotton.

Available at all Trendz outlets this Eid.
#9898487 (Banani), 8932093 (Uttara-1), 8924130 (Uttara-2), 8611818 (Rifles Sq.), 9111440 ext: 402115 (Bashundhara City)



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