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Olfactory utopia

A delight to one of the five basic senses, the perfume is an ode to everything beautiful, joyous and sensuous. The word perfume used today derives from the Latin "per fumum", meaning through smoke. Perfumery, or the art of making perfumes, first began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Prestige Bengal, one of the leading distributing companies in Bangladesh, introduces yet another exclusive fragrance, Omnia Green Jade, from the house of Bvlgari, in a launching event held at B151 Leisure Lounge in Dhanmondi on 29 October 2009.

Bvlgari, which initially started as a house of fine jewellery, since its inception in 1884, has been known as the finest expression for style and beauty for over a century. In their extensive line of exclusive perfumes, Bvlgari presents Omnia Green Jade, the new women's fragrance inspired by the elegance and purity of jade.

The symbol of harmony and seduction, green jade evokes the vivacious elegance of a young, modern woman. Omnia Green Jade lights up like the radiance of a spring morning, and its fresh, flowery notes leading on an olfactory journey that celebrates the euphoria of an instant, the grace of a movement, or a timid glance.

The fragrance exudes vivacious, spontaneous sensuality, a vital breath of air that opens with pungent notes of green mandarin and spring water. Its core, incisive and scintillating, plays with the freshness of white peony, pervaded by the fruity accents of pear blossom and the white purity of jasmine. The soft, radiant final notes mix and exalt the tempting freshness of pistachio with the boisée notes of white woods and musk. Described by Bvlgari as, “The fresh and enticing evocation of an early morning dew with the first rays of the morning light of the spring time in the middle of a nature full of white flowers”.

The interpreter of a symphony of scents, the jewel-like bottle of Omnia Green Jade completes the collection of Omnia fragrances with its sinuous roundness, after Omnia Crystalline and Omnia Améthyste. The green colour of the bottle, symbol of renewal and energy, recalls the green of jade, emphasising the vital, feminine character of the fragrance, while its transparent surfaces evoke its pure and delicate character.

The bottle design is completely perceived as part of the Bvlgari universe. The shape is understood as two crossed rings and the association with hard stones as a touch of contemporariness and accessibility from the glamorous jeweller.

Omnia Green Jade comes in a 65 ml bottle version, and is available at Prestige Bengal's own showroom, 'Paris Parfums', home to a selection of the world's finest fragrances and skincare products under the most exclusive brands.

Prestige Bengal Ltd. is the distributor of renowned cosmetic and fragrance brands as well as mass brands. The company was established in 1997 with Pierre Cardin Beaute Cosmetics as the first representation and with a team of 30 experienced and motivated professionals. In the following years they expanded their portfolio to include CK, Givenchy, Kenzo, Paco Rabbane, Bvlgari and many other international brands. In 2003, Prestige Bengal Ltd., opened a new department to manage the mass market brands such as Adidas, David Beckham, Nautica, Jovan, Bogart etc. Today Prestige Bengal Ltd. is a team of about 120 people that imports, distributes and markets close to 40 brands throughout Bangladesh.

By Farina Noireet



Even before entering the mall, through the translucent glass doors, one can get a peek at the enormity of the shop; its wide aisles penetrating deep within the store and an overwhelming use of white on the floors, ceilings, and walls that creates 'space' within space. Infinity Mega Mall was inaugurated in mid Ramadan last and from day one, has created much interest amongst the clientele that frequents Banshundhara City, Level 7.

The concept of 'one stop shopping' experience is not new. Over the last one decade to say the least, many enterprises have attempted to provide the consumers a range of products under one roof. Level seven at Bashundhara, which was previously rented out for arranging fairs and such, has now been dedicated to brands that wish to promote their products in a luxurious ambiance and lavish space.

Infinity offers a wide range of products for the wide audience of today's youth. Although formal wear enjoys a bias, the casual line also offers an assortment of lines that would generate an interest amongst the younger clientele.

"The fabric is primarily imported from India, China and Thailand but the design is exclusively done by our design team. Naimul Haque Khan is the inspiration behind most of our designs, based on which our creative department executes the final touches.

"Our market is the average middle class and the clothes we produce cater to their needs. Quality is a forte at Infinity. Some of the biggest names in fashion do not provide value for money in terms of quality, while retaining high standard in design. We are different in the sense that we provide excellent quality without compromising on design or price, which is at par with other leading brand names.

"Competition in the fashion industry is intense. Unless fully satisfied with the design, he or she can just look next door; if we compromise on quality the same buyer may never return for a second look. Here at Infinity, we want to cash in on our clientele and offer products so that they keep coming back, fully satisfied with the products. And within a small span of time we have succeeded in creating a loyal customer base" said Faisal Ahmed, Senior Executive and Supervisor.

Walking through the aisles and handling the products one can find an extensive line of men's wear that starts from the ubiquitous jeans, to comfortable chinos, formal pantaloons and executive shirts in varied designs. Casual wear predominates in suave polo and vibrant tee. The 'traditional' section is extensive in terms of variety from casual panjabis, to exclusive designs suited for parties to bridal lines highlighted with elaborate, intricate work in embroidery and zardosi.

The Ladies line however, is not as extensive as the men's but the brilliant selection of sandals compensates for the seeming 'discrimination'. Imported from India and China the shoes- for both men and women- are a highlight of Infinity. Handling the material for the footwear one can get a feel of the quality leather that has been used for their production. Prices, quite astonishingly, is down to earth.

"Within a week or two, we will be launching our Winter Collection. All we can say is we have some surprises rolled up our sleeves" said Ahmed with a smile.

Infinity, to say the least is a complete shopping experience. From women's undergarments to day dresses, to men's formal wear, to accessories like bags, belts and fragrances...the shop has it all. The collection for children below four is also quite extensive!

Next time you visit Bashundhara City, give Infinity a try. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif


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