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It creeps up on you, unawares. An errant gray strand peeping out from your surreptitiously thinning hair. Crow's feet insinuating themselves into the corner of your eyes. Sneaky little laughter lines bracketing your mouth. Hips widening ever so slightly. Before you know it, you're blowing out the fortieth candle on your cake and thinking. “This is it. I'll never be a young woman again.”

They say that mid-life is the age where the keyword is 'crisis'; where grace is achieved through effort and exacting deliberations, where bodies are dressed to hide their age, not celebrate it. We say age is just a number and that there are two ways of dealing with it- “either you stay on top of it, or age stays on top of you.”

Take a moment to consider a few things, though. This is the age when, after half a lifetime of experimenting, you know exactly what looks good on you. The perfect hairstyle, flattering colours, the ideal cut…none of these require guesswork anymore.

You are also more attuned to your body, more aware of its skills and limitations. This is the time when you can get really comfortable in your own skin. That kind of comfort is no trifle either; if you choose to draw strength from it, you can use it, and all the experiences life has taught you to project a strong, confident vibe and stride through the day, in control. Revel in the knowledge that respect comes more easily now that you have the years behind you to prove that you know a thing or two.

So if you've hit the middle age crisis, and those hot flashes and wrinkles start to gang up, don't let the insecurities get you down. Remember that the day you allow a number to rule your life, there may actually be not much to live for. It is not easy. But the smart woman knows that there is zero escape. If you refuse to embrace age, age is most likely to embrace you, and that too, not in a good way. So the better option is to go with the flow and be realistic.

Your face and also your attitude towards life ages according to your inner personality, so working on the inherent goodness of character is far more important than trying to achieve grace through effort and exacting deliberations. Once in a while we come across women for whom style is not laboured and age, certainly not a deterrent. We meet women who are confident and have combined their natural savvy and life experiences to rise to the top. This week, Star Lifestyle celebrates the leading ladies; the female bosses, and the mature style mavens, women who won't let age or gender get them down.


On The Cover

This week, Star Lifestyle celebrates the leading ladies; the female bosses, and the mature style mavens, women who won't let age or gender get them down.
Model: Alveera Mannaf Rahman(Nita), Interior Designer
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Makeup: Farzana Shakil Makeover Salon

Reader's chit

Forty, the age that can make or mar

When one reaches the age of forty, a big question seems to hang before us, asking, “What have you got out of life so far?”

At forty we sit on a buffer zone. Nostalgia beckons and the heart flip-flops between tears and smiles.

On the other hand there is anticipation for the future. And the experts sigh with their expertise and say, “Life begins at 40!” Well, you gulp and ask. “Then what was it that we left behind?”

Experiences of the years lived through add wisdom to life. There comes a deeper knowledge that destiny plays its hand even when one is sure of the outcome of one's doings.

The pessimists and the optimists clash as they reach forty. The romantic takes failures as his pillars to success. The cynic is burdened with all bleak thoughts of what life did not provide. He looks on to the coming years with gloom and thoughts of ominous clouds hang, darkening his soul. The optimist looks to the years ahead with expectations for the best. For him the venture from forty is a real challenge in life. For him the ocean remains to be explored with unlimited possibilities.

Childhood is an age of innocence and laughter. Adolescence comes with all its confusions and doubts. Then comes the march to adulthood. The sailing from teenage to adulthood is not always smooth for the physical and the emotional developments may not march on the same track. Adulthood comes with worry and glory of life and we keep seeking the meaning of life. And then when we are 40 things seem to halt and we stand still.

The baby that was once born, the life that is passing by and the inevitable death that waits hold us in trance. The meek and the mild think they are too old to face the new lights of life. The bold and the beautiful pick up courage from the life lived and ask, “Who says I am too old for the new challenges that are coming?”

Does the age forty make you too old to try new flavours of life? Forget it. Life is too precious to consider any age a dead end. While there is life to go on for or all that is waiting to be found! Who knows, forty may be your age of miracles!

By Tulip Chowdhury




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