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Ideal hangout spots are a rarity in Dhaka. Although the notion changes with the crowd, it has strangely become synonymous to eateries. New restaurants with different cuisines routinely sprout up in Dhaka. However, hangout spots to engage in-group activities other than gulping down the gullet remain limited. Bowling alleys and pool halls however do offer options to hangout with friends.

These hotspots tend to attract all-male groups and the high testosterone level buzzing in the air makes the environment rather unpleasant for dating couples, families with children, and all-female groups.

Where should couples, families with kids, all-female groups, and to some extent, mixed groups go if they want to enjoy one another's company? Finally, there is a hangout hotspot at Uttara, Sector #13 that offers something fresh mini-golf!

The aim, as they put it, is to “redefine adda with more than just food.”

Mini-golf is a popular family hotspot in the U.S., most European countries and down under. Mini-Golf Greens is located on the rooftop of 10 Gausul Azam Avenue (atop the National Ideal School building). The course is set with natural stones and beautiful greenery landscaped over the artificial turf. By being high up from the street level and by offering a spectacularly landscaped rooftop, this hangout hotspot offers a transforming experience that is sure to please.

Mini-golf clubs are called putters and playing here requires little expertise.

Slow, steady, and delicate hitting usually makes one a good player in the game. The course gets gradually difficult with the completion of each hole. Holes 1-3 are pretty straightforward with natural stone obstacles. Hole 4 throws in an additional layer of challenge with its unique design. Hole 5 has several natural stones in a pattern that makes it more challenging than Holes 1-3.

Hole 6 is perhaps the most interesting; it has a little lit-up pool and a very cute bridge over it. The options are either to take the risky approach of passing the ball over the bridge or to take the longer and safer route around the water.

Hole 7 throws in a dilemma too- whether to take the right path or the left one. Hole 8 has undulations that make for a very challenging par 3. As can be expected, the most challenging one is the last hole, where the slightest of mistakes can change the outcome of the game.

For a group of 4-5 friends, a round of mini-golf can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. The socialising that takes place while playing mini-golf is simply amazing. No wonder corporate businessmen prefer golf when they want to talk business!

There is a café that encircles the mini-golf course in a horseshoe pattern. After a round of playing, what better than to relax with friends over light refreshments like sandwiches and salads and delicious mocktails (the Bay of Bengal Breeze goes highly recommended), and ice-cream from Mövenpic!

The prices are also quite reasonable. Mini-golf ticket is Tk 100 per person to play the 9-hole course (ticket includes putter and golf ball rental). The facility is also available for party reservation.

Hanging out with friends at the Mini-Golf Greens Garden Café (M3GC for short) at Uttara (Sector 13) is indeed a refreshing treat. It transports you from the din and the bustles of the street level to an idyllic urban setting.

The operating hours are from 4 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 10 pm on weekends. After a fun-filled round of mini-golf, lounging at the café with friends, you might still be technically on the rooftop of just another Uttara building, but you might feel that you have found a little paradise right inside our noisy city.

For more information, you can visit their website at http://minigolf.intuitwebsites.comor # 0172001569,

By Nishat Tasneem and Alexis Mosquera


Chandana Dewan's signature style combines contemporary with the ethnics creating timeless pieces. Her designs are art you can wear to say the very least. Recently Chondon held a three-day long jewellery exhibition at its Gulshan outlet from 12 to14 of this month.

Chondon's handcrafted Jewellery Collection is made from pure metals like but not limited to, gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass. Gold dipped items are a delight to the spectrum. Stones used such as lapislazeete, turquoise, coral, ruby, pearl, onyx and garnet are authentic and mostly from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Myanmar. Each piece of jewellery is handmade with care preserving the eccentricity, which is each piece.

Many are One-off designs, so you won't find anyone else wearing the pieces you own. Different assortments and colours of beads, silver, stones (semi-precious) and metals have been used in the collection. You'll find a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. The pieces will be available at the boutique after the exhibition.

The artist with an ethereal perspective bravely puts forth, ”I believe very strongly in the 'total look'. The wrong accessories can kill the outfit. That is why I also design jewellery and bags to complete the total look.” Chandana Dewan's inspiration comes from the world around her. She also tries to understand the clientele and the market to set the trends of the season accordingly.

During the artist's university days, back in the early 80s, she started designing paper jewellery for a company named “Two Women” based in San Francisco, California.

The founder of “Two Women”, Carolyn Whitaker worked tirelessly to involve women in the mainstream workforce. This inspired Dewan tremendously and eventually led her to the Fashion Industry. She opened her first boutique in Manchester, Connecticut in early 90s and after coming back to Bangladesh, she obtained a Diploma in Fashion Designing and started a set-up from her home in 2002.

With increasing demands began the journey of the famous “Chondon” opening up in Gulshan #2.

Their clientele extraordinaire constitutes of one with a unique taste. The outfits are endorsed and admired by many from the media, films, fashion and the corporate world, both locally and internationally.

Chandana Dewan says that she feels strongly about her social responsibility and as an active member of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, American Women's Club, she has designed saris, panjabis and fatuas for the movement with the white ribbon logo fundraising.

As a promoter of women empowerment, she feels extremely proud to have women working with her, both in Dhaka and at her village home in Rangpur. She plans to include an exclusive bridal range, a limited collection of western wear, a range of formal wear for office goers and men's traditional wear especially during the festive seasons.

Chondon is at House #9, Road #103, Gulshan#2 #01552379735, 9891173.

By Sanjana Rahman


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