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Clothes shopping 411

People usually shy away from a buying spree for Eid ul Azha. As the duty of offering sacrificial animal falls up on us, shopping takes a back seat. But then there are people who go for the odd sari, or the panjabi to heighten up the Eid mood. Dhaka's boutiques are all geared to cater to just that!

Let's start with the 'off-beat' offerings.
Deshi boutiques are known more for their experimentation of design, rather than toying with the fabric. Tara Marka, as part of their Eid-Winter collection has brought blazers made from khaadi. Now here is something that is a
welcome change.

If you are looking forward to some alternative shopping setting clothes aside, opt for jewellery. Bibiana offers simplistic jewellery for Eid that will not tax the wallet. Jhalak at Orchard Point is another outlet that you can try for frugal jewellery.

Coming to the popular houses, Texmart has over the years, created a niche amongst segment of the boutique clientele through their offer of an extensive line, be it for festival or seasonal collections. It has offers for the man, the woman and the child. It is truly a family offering.

Kay Kraft has introduced its new line keeping in mind both the occasion and the imminent winter. The designers have worked with unique styles of saris made at Tangail and Shirajgonj and enhanced the designs through ornamentations.

With the winter in mind there have been changes to the materials, necklines and sleeves of shalwar kameezes.
Offered at the Genetic and Orchard Plaza outlets,

Mrinmoyee provides something for everyone. The fabric used is the usual cotton, jamdani, endi, silk and organza but it comes with a twist of vibrant designs executed in the most minute of details in appliqué, karchupi, machine embroidery and sequins.
Renowned for their theme-based ensemble, this Eid,

Nogordoladerives its inspiration from motifs of exquisite Persian rugs! Through meticulous execution, the patterns have been improvised and the output was something quite extraordinary.

Nogordola offers its usual array of designer wear-saris, shalwar kameez, fatuas, skirt, tops, capris, shirts,and panjabis all based on the 'Persian Influence'. Formal shirts for men have been a new addition in its line.

Aarong has come up with the theme of 'ornamental nostalgia' for shalwar kameez, inspired from the different graceful jewellery motifs. To make this Eid day full of elegance and poise, this collection would definitely be in demand among urbane girls.

The men's cotton panjabi collection will be a radical fad for the trendy, young crowd. Along the 'brighten up' theme, solid vibrant colored cotton panjabi with jori stripes is available . At the other end, 'out of the box' presents an array of designs keeping the grace of kurbani Eid in mind.

Nitto Upohar has an extensive line of clothes in offer, featuring eloquent saris, sassy tops and fatuas. The highlight of the Eid-Winter Collection however remains to be the suave khadi shawls designed by giants like Quiyum Chowdhury, Chandra Shekhar Shaha, and Sabboshachi Hajra.

For the fashion savvy man, the formal attire must adorn their closet, be it the quintessential white shirt or the timeless silk panjabi. Menz Club has come forward to meet the demand for both. Check out their outlets; you just might find exactly what you are looking for.

To wind up the review, the young and the chic can look forward to an all-under-one-roof solution to their clothing cares with Freeland, the new fashion brand in town, which is launching its first outlet at level 7, Bashundhara City. From formal shirts, trousers, to casuals, tees, ladies' Western wear, and even lingerie and footwear, this outlet has practically everything.

Keep a mental note of the Eid rush that is about to ensue, not to mention the regal traffic situation. Plan ahead for your shopping and go get it!

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