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Who would have thought that a dedicated teacher, with years of experience to go by the side would re-invent herself as an entrepreneur and open up a salon for men?

“Well, at least I didn't” chuckled Kanta Saadat over a cup of tea.” My cousin Shoma Rahman had an establishment that was faring well as a leading grooming parlour for women. I frequented “Dazzle”, her salon, and was quite inspired. So much so that I decided to start my own venture, but for men.

"We are a tag team, Shoma and I, who make it a point to provide value for money."
Sophisticut may not have the spacious interior synonymous to all the happening salons in and around the city but within the confined space, it manages to provide a 'welcome buzz' for the client.

Three large comfy couches lay in the middle, facing the large LCD screen for people to sit and wait their turn. This however would be a rare instance given the fact that the parlour is adequately manned with skilled professionals, and even within the small confinement, space is somehow not an issue.

Behind the sliding doors on the left, three warmly lit cabins serve as the spa-one for facials, and two for massages.

"Our spa is proving to be quite the favourite. The whole range offers something for everyone. And the best part, I re-iterate, is that our service offers value for money. This establishment is not the trendsetter in the field of professional grooming, but what sets it apart is the quality at a meagre price tag. We try not to compromise on the excellence of the products used, and the warmth in our effort."

The range of services rendered is indeed quite extensive-haircutting. Check! Dyeing. Check! Hair treatment. Check! Skin care, body massage, piercing, waxing. Check! Check! Check! And for those valiant metrosexuals who dare to flaunt it -even re-bonding!

And of course there is the quintessential "Wedding Package" which offers an assortment of services to choose from. The grooming sessions are designed between three to seven day packages, depending on the needs of the groom.

"We want our customers to keep coming back. The membership offers- Platinum, Gold and Silver allows special privileges on a range of services and would allow one to familiarise with the facility and feel the comfort they are designed to provide."

With Eid less than a week away, and a promising start of the wedding season, the need for proper grooming is more pressing than ever. Good thing you now know a place to head to!
Contact: Sophisticut, Salon Spa Solace For Men, RM Centre (3rd Floor), 101 Gulshan Avenue.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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