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Gift Ideas

A gift from the kitchen is a true gift from the heart.
· A perfect combination- a cookie jar full of cookie cutters. Tie a ribbon around the jar, add a cutter for decoration, and you have a great gift for a new baker.

· Stuff a holiday oven mitt with new kitchen tools used for baking. It will be a perfect present for newlyweds' first Christmas.

· Canning jars offer a practical way to present cookies. Jars are inexpensive, and you can see the delectable treats that await you.

Decorate the jar by painting red and green polka dots on the glass. Then add the treats. Wrap with a ribbon and its ready for delivery.

· Mix it up with dry mixes and a mixing bowl. Make a mix recipe, and package it in a jar. Then place the jar, a couple of mixing tools, and a holiday dish towel in the bowl to present to a busy friend.

· Stack two holiday bowls and top them with a package of cheese straws. Its fun to give decorative bowls for serving sweets at an open house or just to family. Deliver these gifts early so they can be enjoyed all during the season.

Green gifting
Take a quick look around the kitchen for food containers that are perfect to reuse for holiday gifts of homemade cookies, bars, and more. Start saving your empty containers several months before Christmas, and by the time you begin your holiday baking, you'll have plenty to package up your delicious treats in. Be sure that all containers are clean, free of crumbs, and contain no food odours. Remove labels, and cover with wrapping paper or paint. You can also cover lids with papers, stickers, or fabric. Gifts from the kitchen are ideal for teachers, co-workers, friends, and neighbours.


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