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Stains & clutter

Grease stains in silk can be easily removed by applying baby powder. Let the stains soak in the powder for a couple of minutes and then dust off. The grease magically disappears leaving your silk in good shape.

To remove rust and mineral stains or to halt further discoloration of cotton add 1 cup of lemon juice into the wash.

Seasonal wardrobe dusting is an absolute necessary. Do not clog up your storage space with clothes for the bygone seasons. Air your clothes out before storing them in a lockup before that particular season descends again. Instead of adding mothballs to the clothes' storage, which often leave behind a signature stench of their own, add leftover soap slivers

To remove stale odours from laundry, add baking soda in the wash and hang out to dry in the sunshine.

A better idea than using mothballs is to take your leftover soap slivers and put them in a vented plastic bag. You place the bag with seasonal clothes before packing them away. Not only will the scent prevent them from moth harm but also they'll smell great when you pull them out.



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