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Runa laila's rings of bling, Babita's extended kohl eyes, Shumita Debi's understated look, Reshma's tailored suits …stylish women in Bangladesh over the years have achieved iconic fashion status by adopting chic elements suited to their personality and elements that will forever be associated with them.

Fashion choices define and brand us with specific styles. My mother was very bold with her statement jewellery and bobbed hair and my own style swings towards an eclectic mix but always clearly finished with my pick of accessory. So in some way we could be fashion junkies. I suppose personal signatures are sharp images that reverberate confidence and a claim to fashion nirvana.

The women on our list this year have individual quirks that are effective and effortless and their style shines through clearly. Some have fine-tuned their level of expertise and others are in a more experimental stage but reaching fashion enlightenment nevertheless. They have displayed an attainment of fashion harmony that can be easily appreciated. The idea is to have personal adaptation that is uniquely identifiable.

Lifestyle has kept a close watch on the Bangladeshi style mavens. This year we have included known faces of the glitzy world. We hope to cover fresher faces with extraordinary style sense that have surpassed 'judgment' and form a league of their own next time.

Photo courtesy: Star Arts & Entertainment archive

Bangladeshi Best Dressed list 2009
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