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Beauty forecast 2010

The art of make up is as old as civilization itself. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathing in goats milk with rose petals and applying deep black kohl in her eyes is a well documented fact. Not a lot has changed since then, as the quest to look beautiful is still on and will remain so for eternity.

We are lucky that we live in the 21st century and we have an array of beauty aids and products to choose from. Cosmetologists have an answer for all kinds of problems that we might face. Products are created for different skin types and skin colour. Cosmetics is a multi-million dollar industry. Satellite television has brought the world at our doorstep and has exposed us to a global perspective of fashion and style.

Bangladesh is very fashion conscious and the young people are so aware of the latest trends in clothes and make-up and the interest to learn more is ever present.

The look for the year 2010 is very chic and stylish.

The matte foundation is out, dewy wet skin is a must have for the new year. Wet make up has a natural shine and healthy look. Get a foundation nearest your own skin tone and mix a little moisturiser into it for a natural finish. Powders are to be avoided unless your skin is too oily and make up will not set without it.

For the day, go without colour on the eyes. Heavy mascara and glossy lightly tinted mouth is all you need. There is nothing worse than a heavily made up person in the middle of the day.

Save all the drama for the night, smudged kohl all around the eyes on a coffee coloured eye shadow base. Mascara is a must this season, extra lashes will further enhance the eyes.

Solid colours are in; blending two, three colours are out. A highlighter under the brows and a single base colour all over the lid, darker on the outer eye lighter on the inner side with deep eyeliner and lots of mascara on upper as well as lower lashes.

Light blusher on the apples of the cheek if you are slim and under the cheekbones on the side if you have a rounder face.

Light glossy lips if your eyes are heavy or darker mouth if the eyes are lightly done.

Defined eyes are in, blended eye make up is to be avoided. Smokey look is always in but not blended but defined this coming year.

A glowing look for skin as well as eyes and lips. If the eyes are pale, with a hint of colour, then a defined mouth will look great and vice versa.

When in doubt, remember ''less is more''; wearing less will not make a difference but wearing more might make you look foolish. If following the trend does not suit you, don't follow it- make your own fashion statements. A look worn with confidence is far more suitable than following a trend that you are uncomfortable with.

Going natural is always in vogue, if you have good skin ...show it off! Don't paint on it, conceal what you need to. Enhance what you already have , and everybody has the capability of improving themselves, never hesitate to explore the possibilities.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Makeup: Sadia Moyeen

Dear Sadia,
I've always been an avid reader of your column and your suggestions have helped me a lot in the past. Recently, I have been facing severe hair fall problem. I am only 21 and seem to have already lost almost half of my hair. I am very worried about this situation. Moreover I have a problem of 'tangled hair'. Is there any way to grow hair naturally because my scalp shows through the sparse hair. I don't want to go for chemical treatment; I heard about Mintop. Does it work? Please help me out through your valuable advice. I will be very thankful to you.
Take Care!
- Ekkra

Dear Ekkra,
Please rule out any kind of hormonal imbalance with the advice of an endocrinologist. Severe hair loss without reason at an early age is not common. Use of poor quality hair products can also be responsible. Always use a mild shampoo, not more than twice or thrice a week and follow up with a conditioner to avoid tangling. Wash hair with lukewarm water. I have not heard of Mintop, give me its medical name and its ingredients and I will be able to tell you if it's appropriate for you. Meanwhile here is a recipe that works well for falling hair:

1 tbsp onion juice
1 tsp methi powder
1 capsule of vitamin e (puncture and press out)
1 tsp lemon juice
Mix, apply with a cotton swab only on the roots.
Keep on for ½ an hour and then shampoo it off.



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