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Season's hottest manicures

* Mixed Metal manicure - Gold/silver sparkle over gunmetal grey. Apply three coats of gunmetal. Allow to dry, and then apply nail adhesive. Slap on some gold or silver foil, pat down to allow the sparkly bits to stick, then peel off. Viola! Nails that combine glitter with some serious gangsta metal.

* New Moon Manicure - A stark graphic take on the 1920's Moon manicure. Apply a layer of white polish. Allow to dry, and then place a semicircular French manicure stencil on the base of the nail. Apply a coat of black nail polish over the uncovered area. Wait for it to dry, and then peel off the stencil. Apply a clear top coat, and you're good to go.

* Spectrum manicure - Subtle shade-shifting that gives your nails a cool effect. You'll need one dark shade of nail polish (purple is the hottest colour this season, so try an eggplant or plum shade) and one basic creamy white shade. Pour out four small blobs of the purple shade, and using a toothpick, add small increments of white to them. Paint your pinky nail the original purple, and then each of the other nails in a different shade, from dark to light, so that you end up with a neat spectrum.

By Sabrina F Ahmad


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