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Teen fashion is highly influenced by their idols. This is of course not a new notion as in the past young boys and girls have always looked out for role models. Teen actors, entertainers, and singers do and will continue to play a vital role. Although now it has become a global phenomenon where the young stars create a colossal following. Their every fashion expression is imitated. Hair, accessory, clothing, the whole look and attitude are given full attention by their fans.

The teen market has become enormous. This is due to the new-fangled fame of the great number of adolescent stars in recent years. The entertainment industry is putting a lot of attention in not only creating these idols but also in marketing them commercially as individuals across the globe. They are stand-alone brands now to be taken very seriously.

I shall try to decipher the teen trends. It has come to my attention that there are a number of categories and fashion divides that set their fashion doctrines. The following are a few styles, such as easy casual, sports, rock star, and a school prep look.

The major teen stars are a rage so lets look at what some of them are wearing.

Miley Cyrus (singer and actor)
She is Hannah Montana on her television sitcom. She may be one of the biggest teen stars of our times. She loves sweet dresses that are soft on the edges, frills, and laces and most definitely short in length.

Her long locks of hair in natural waves make her seem very feminine yet confident. Her dresses or skirts are always tied with numerous or a singlewide belt giving her an hourglass contour.

She is loud in her choice of colours-violet, fuchsia, gold and other metallic. On formal sightings she is always caught in strapped country pieces. Her accessories include bangles or beads and she loves her cowgirl boots.

JB or Jonas Brothers (singer/actor)
These are the three brothers, Joe, Nick, and Kevin. They are a sensation. Witty and smart, they are also on a television sitcom JONAS. On or off screen their sense of style is just right on. They look equally preppy with their ties, jumper and sports leather jacket or in a chic cravat on short waistcoat and rolled up shirt or T-shirt.

Most comfortable in their denim that may be skinny or classic, they like to mix and match different looks on each other rather than looking identical. This way they make individual statements.

Even on personal excavations we will find them wearing a crew neck, a button down or v-neck shirt with jeans. Plaid and checked shirts look really cool with their leather bomber jackets. They don't go for the over the top rock star ensembles, but rather simpler combos. Their fans appreciate their signature claims to fashion.

Selena Gomez (singer/actor)
She is the popular actor of the television show “Wizards of Waverly Place” and also acted in a couple of Disney movies, the latest being “Princess Protection Program”. She is again a very successful, versatile actor who is able to execute her talents effortlessly.

Selena off screen shows a prowess for superb styling that seems to come to her naturally. Her comfortable fashion sense is to die for. She loves her denim and tees, always layered with a jacket or a shirt. Simple classic prints in stripes or checks making her style classic, which is also appropriate for her age.

With little or no make-up and very little accessories she still manages to sizzle. She is deeply rooted and self-assured.

Daniel Radcliff (actor)
He is the actor of Harry Potter fame. A teen sensation, he has popularised the very British prep style in teen fashion. The Hogwarts School of fashion has made an entire generation appreciate a simple conservative look that works best for early adolescence.

Timelessly conservative yet never boring pieces put together simply well. Crew neck tees layered with zipped jackets, stripped polo or shirts, tie and jumpers. Argyle scarves and knitted scull caps are also an edgy addition. His round-rimmed glasses are a perfect finish to his ensemble. His achievement on screen has brought him gargantuan fame the world over.

Trends that sizzle or fizzle
It is important to look at trends as they appear. Casual is probably the key word.

Girls rule, boy's drool:
The colour this season is predominantly bright with teal, raspberry, red, turquoise, pink, and reef coral as major hues. These girls are either ultra girly or big on sports gear. It is a clean, healthy style.

Floral elements are big with country garden wild flowers as prints and focal applications of Rose, Poppy and Daisy. Peasant blouses, cute frilled tops, open front shirts in solids or stripes, sundresses with spaghetti or halter finish over simple tanks.

The overall look is easy. Denim super stretchy and skinny topped with tees. Drawstring trousers paired with sweat jackets are really cool for girls. These are no nonsense uncomplicated trouble free ensembles.

Accessories that are a rule:

Yellow, lemon green, white or black, not the oversized convex kind but rather average sized squared or oval styles. Again it is not a huge fashion statement but indicates necessary utility that may serve a purpose.

Fabric bags in cotton or canvas. Prints or woven, quilted or plain, small or medium slings zipped with utility pockets. Totes large are an all time favourite. Wristlet or patent clutches are also good for an evening out.

Narrow or wide for waists or hips have returned as an important accessory.

Flip-flop sandals. Solid or printed in fun pattern are great, plaid, checks, polkas or floral are very popular. Espadrilles high, ankle strapped flats or high top sneakers are good for any occasion.

Tropical jewellery:
Pile them on for a perfect carefree vibe. Teens are looking for a sharp mix and match. They are into trendy pieces of jewellery that can be combined with multiple other pieces of accessory.

Funky beaded or wooden elements are evident on bangles, cuffs, bracelets and necklaces. The neckpieces are long stringed and hang on the waistline and long pendants are also cool. Beaded anklets and wristbands are just on that can be paired with dangly beaded earrings.

Boys will be boys:
Teen boys are also going for a plain effortless fashion sense. Cargo or denim trousers that fit well and comfortably but may be narrow or form fitted but not oversized.

Button down shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, crew neck tees. All cotton looks and not the shrinking body stretching lycra kind that is punk rock, which is so yesterday. Scarves, jumpers, bomber, sports jackets or hooded jackets are very happening right now instead of the chain slinging metal studded heavy rock look that is way out. It is a look that generates and inspires a healthy lifestyle where the priority is good health and fitness.

My last word:
Teens in Bangladesh need to apply the essence of such dressing that is suitable for their age. It should be fitting for the occasions and social circumstances. Please don't try to imitate adults or idols that do not illustrate a positive role. Choose your fashion icons well and intelligently.

Model: Zubaida, Eura, Rahatt, Adnan, Arress, Nishat, Raisa, Sajid
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to KFC for allowing us to do the photoshoot.


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