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Rongdhonu Exposition 2010

The palette of the rainbow with seven hues brighten up the sky after a showery day. Science apart, the romance of the rainbow captivates the inquisitive mind for its beauty more than the underlying physics behind it.

The hues of life are anything but devoid of colours. As part of their 15-year celebration Rong, the boutique, has organised an Exposition, at the Nalinikanta Bhattashali Exhibition Hall, National Museum.

Tinted yarns, solid coloured fabrics, vibrant shades on bangles and collages made from album and book covers, make the exhibition a startling show. On display were drawings from mythological similes; the section entitled "Moonlight Blue" presents indigo in the form of Lord Krishna, Lakhi Shora, traditional art of Goddess Lakhi on earthenware that are usually used to cover cooking pots, was displayed in vivacious tones. The inanimate wood was also incorporated within the scope of the exhibit for the colours of the fibre, the texture of different wood types making an excellent display of shades. Painting masterpieces by Quamrul, Bashir, Kibria and others have been handpicked from private collections and showcased.

One must commend the organisers for their outstanding effort in bringing forth a diverse range of exhibits that represent the colours of life. Kudos to Berger Paints for lending a helping hand as partners in this venture, exploring vivacity of the colours.

Aptly termed 'Rongdhonu' (Rainbow) Rong, the boutique has been able to present the audience flocking into the exposition a snippet of their perception on life. They have proved, through creative brilliance, that they are indeed a dazzling tone in the scheme of deshi fashion.

The Exposition will remain open till 25 January, 2010 from 9:30 am 4:30pm (Saturday to Wednesday) and 3:30 pm 7:30 pm on Friday.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif



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