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Customise your gadgets

For the first time ever and definitely one of a kind, G[MASK] - beauty wrap- is here in Bangladesh. G[MASK] is a protective and fashionable skin wrap for your electronic gadgets including, but not limited to cell phones, PDAs, laptops and cameras. It provides protection for your electronic devices from moisture, sweat, scratches, scrapes and so forth, thus, making them completely weather-resistant.

The application of G[MASK] is not restricted to any particular models or editions but can be applied to any and all. You no longer have to find skins that clothe your gadgets in consideration with shape and size but rather find the designs you want on your gadgets. It ensures full body protection through the application on keypads or any other such tough edges and corners.

It uses the best quality, durable, stretchable and protective film to manufacture its wraps. This provides a 100 percent guarantee that there will be no residues on your gadgets after removal.

The film can last from between three to seven years and is a perfect addition for outdoor enthusiasts. The adherence of G[MASK] ensures adaptability to all surfaces. This unique wrap comes in a layer so ultra-thin that you will not feel the presence of the film. There is a wide range of designs for you to choose from. You can have the same skin design for your laptop and your cell phone or opt for completely contrasting ones.

You can create your own customised design or select from the collection at the Retail Outlet. You can choose any G[MASK] design and get the wrap applied by specially trained staff. The application process can take from 20-40 minutes.

If a luxurious lifestyle is your cup of tea, combine functionality with splendour by using Swarovski's entire range of crystals. Swarovski crystallisation of your gadgets is a marvel to cherish. G[Mask] transparent wraps are available at Tk 500 and designed skins at Tk 600. The price of transparent skin for a laptop (topside) is Tk 2000 and for a designed skin, Tk 2400. Warranty for a month is provided.

Your company can trademark all its electronics in identical G[MASK] wraps with either single, multiple designs or with transparent skins. To avail mass corporate wrap service, please contact G[Mask] Bangladesh Head Office.

Corporate Service: # 01730087159.
E-mail: gmask@ideamax.com.bd.
Website: www.ideamax.com.bd
Bashundhara City Shopping Complex: Level #1 and Level #8.

By Sanjana Rahman



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